Daemons - Object Field

This type is very similar to the "Magic" daemon, but there are two fundamental differences:

  1. "Object field" uses vertices for the attractor forces instead of faces.
  2. You can specify a certain limit within the particles to be affected.

The object field daemon does not achieve the high quality of the magic type, but you can also get some very interesting effects, for example with a negative strength, representing a repulsion force, and high "Surface tension" (around 50.0) for the fluid.





Particles can be affected in two ways: Either by “Force” or” Velocity”. The first option applies an external force, resulting in an acceleration, while the second one only modifies the velocities of the particles without introducing an additional acceleration. “Velocity” is not available for rigid bodies.


Open a node picker to choose the desired object for creating a force field.


This parameter controls the amount of force that will be applied to the object. You can either enter positive values for attraction or negative ones for repulsion effects.


Here you can define the daemons scope or action limit. Particles are affected within the given distance. “Distance” is measured in RealFlow grid units (meters).