Daemons - k Sphere

This daemon works very similarly to the "k Volume" daemon, but here a spherical volume is used. The only difference is that the sphere’s dimension is not controlled with scale settings from the "Node" panel, but with a separate radius value.



Fit to object

This button fits the daemons bounding box to the dimensions of a certain object. By clicking on this button, the well-known node picker appears, giving you the opportunity to select one item from the list.

Fit to scene

For the calculation of the daemon’s bounding box, RealFlow takes all scene elements into consideration and you do not have to choose an individual object. Please note that the automatically adjusted daemon does not fit exactly and there is also a little cache between the outlines of the object and "k Sphere".


This value is measured in metres [m], and used to set the radius of the sphere. “Scale” changes, made under the “Node” panel, do not influence the daemon's size.


With this option it is possible to decide where the particles will be deleted. With "No", particles will be removed inside of the daemon's sphere, with "Yes", this happens outside.