Daemons - k Collision

With a "k Collision" daemon in your scene, particles are destroyed when they collide with the objects. You can either choose all of the objects at once or attach selected items. Additionally the daemon can be used to spawn particles with the collision, instead of deleting them. "k Collision" does not work with grid fluid particles. 



All objects

By switching this feature to “Yes”, RealFlow automatically takes any suitable object into consideration. Simultaneously the “Select objects” option is greyed out. The default adjustment is “No”.

Select objects

This feature opens a node picker containing a list of object nodes in the scene. Multiple selection is allowed and the chosen nodes appear as a list.


As always this function creates more particles. Here the new particles are spawned when the selected object(s) are hit. In this case, "k Collision" splits up the particles and creates a certain number of new particles. This number is specified under “@ # child”. The amount of particles can rapidly grow when this option is active. If simulation times drastically increase, we recommend using the “Dumb” particle type instead of “Liquid”. Dumb particles are simulated much faster, because they do not interact with each other. This is why they are perfectly suited to all kinds of foam, spray or additional splashes.

@ # child

Here you can define the number of child particles to be created if “Split” is set to “Yes”.