Daemons - Coriolis

The Coriolis effect is a real global force, so scale changes will not affect the daemon’s strength and there’s also no boundary option. The force is always related to RealFlow’s world coordinate system and its vector represents the rotation of the planet where the simulation takes place. This daemon is useful for simulating the well-known rotational motion of liquids when they disappear in a plug hole. However, in real life this effect has nothing to do with Coriolis force and it is just a residual inertia in the fluid causing faster and faster rotation, because the outflowing fluid layer becomes thinner and thinner.




Particles can be affected in two ways: either by “Force” or “Velocity”. The first option applies an external force, resulting in an acceleration, while the second one only modifies the velocities of the particles without introducing an additional acceleration.


This is the dimension of the daemon’s force.