Daemons - Display

With this window it is possible to control visibility and the daemon’s viewport representation. Another interesting aspect that is related to a daemon’s display abilities is the visualization of force fields. Though there is no physical entry or parameter for this feature, it is possible to make it visible with the help of a mist node from the grid fluid menu: simply add a "Mist" node to your scene and activate the following option:

Mist node > Node Params > Display > Show velocity field > Yes

Now it is possible to see the forces of a daemon as a vector field, represented by arrows. Depending on the force’s magnitude the arrows can be fairly small.




A daemon can be made invisible to see objects or particles behind the viewport representation. Visibility can be changed at any time, but it is not possible to animate this feature.

Show icon

By default, a daemon is labelled with an icon for better identification, but with lots of daemons or small objects, the symbols might cover important details or the scene simply becomes confusing. Therefore it is possible to deactivate the icon.