RealFlow's RLM application is a modern, and easy-to-use license manager available for all supported operating systems (Windows, Linux, OS X). Another major novelty with RealFlow 2014's licensing system is that we now offer node-locked and floating licenses (previously all RealFlow licenses were floating).

 After the installation and the first launch of RealFlow you will see the so-called "Licensing Wizard". This tool will help you to make the licensing process easier, because it will copy the license to its appropriate folder, installs the RLM license manager as a startup service (if necessary), and creates a demo license automatically.

Once the RLM has been installed, you have access to a comprehensive web interface. This is your control centre for all licensing issues relating to Next Limit's software products. Here you can monitor the currently installed and used licenses, and there are many administrative features. The interface is also the place where you can restart the server.