GUI - Main Elements

RealFlow provides a wide variety of additional functions for managing export resources, retime already-cached simulations, trigger network jobs and programming APIs – to name but a few. All these powerful components are grouped under the “Layout” entry of the main menu. There you have access to the appropriate windows.


Single View and Quad View

RealFlow's 2D and 3D viewports.


A list containing all the nodes for the current project.

Relationship Editor

A visual manager for establishing connections between a scene's nodes to make them interact.

Maxwell Interactive

Create photo-realistic previews with an implementation of Next Limit's Maxwell Render engine.

Node Params

A node's parameter set.

Curve Editor

Animation made easy: add curves, keys and expressions and manage them with powerful tools.


RealFlow's information and debug centre.

Batch Script

Automatize repetitive tasks with Python scripting.

Simulation Flow

Customize a simulation with Python or the a node-based programming tool.

Movie Player

Load and play previews with this handy tool.

Job Manager

Your control panel for network simulations.

Help Viewer

A complete online reference directly at your finger tips.


Show, hide, activate and manage export resources for large groups of nodes with a single click.

Batch Graph

Easily create batch routines with a node-based visual system.