Node Params

The "Node Params" window is dynamically adjusted to your node selection and carries all available parameters and settings. Simply click on the desired main tab to open the associated panel. You can also see different submenus, which appear or disappear automatically according to the activated options, e.g. for rigid or soft body dynamics.


The individual settings, panels and parameters for all "Node Params" panels are explained in detail in combination with the appropriate nodes and their attributes.


To change a certain value it is necessary to left-click on it to make it editable. Once it is highlighted, you can enter the desired value. Please note that some parameters have certain ranges, for example between 0 and 1, while others accept almost any value, even negative settings. Invalid settings will not be kept and will automatically reset to the previously given value.

Most of the parameters under "Node Params" can be animated. For this purpose it is possible to set keys or open the "Curve Editor" which also provides several methods for animation. To set or delete keys and curves, simply right-click on the desired value to open a little menu, showing various entries (there are more information under "Right-Click Menu Animation"). Values that cannot be animated will not show this menu. Please do not activate/highlight the values meant to be changed, because in this case you will see another menu with entries for undo/redo and clipboard functions.


A "Node Params" sample menu with "Particle Fluid Interaction" and "RealWave" panels.


"Node Params" additionally provides an internal help system that can be activated with a right mouse click or the F1 key. The right mouse help is only shown by clicking on one of the main riders. The F1 help system shows information about the various parameters. Some of these explanations might appear very familiar to you and that is no coincidence. To give you the best available information, RealFlow’s help system is entirely based on this reference. To activate it, simply click on the desired parameter to highlight it and then press F1. The result is an explanation of the current property. Together with the "Help Viewer" you have a powerful, though easy-to-use, help system that is seamlessly integrated into RealFlow.