Batch Script

Batch scripting is a very convenient method to automatize repetitive tasks, such as creating object arrays, randomizing various parameters or starting multiple project files for overnight simulation. There are many possible fields of application for this kind of scripting and it is even possible to start scripts with command line simulations. By default, the “Batch Script” editor is nothing more than an empty window. The "Batch Script" panel works like a text editor and has features like tabbing, syntax highlighting and keyword completion. Of course, you can copy/paste scripts from other sources to the "Batch Script" window. Please note that batch scripts are not saved with the current project and you always have to store them separately on your hard disk. It is a good idea to either find a common place for all batch scripts or create special directories under the project’s file and folder structure.

You can learn more about batch and simulation scripting in "RealFlow's Scripting Guide".


The "Batch Script" window can be integrated into a customized layout. Additionally you have a menu bar with several entries. Please also go the scripting section for detailed information about their functionality.