The "Nodes" panel is actually nothing more than a list, containing the entire range of elements in your scene. Once an object is added to the scene it directly appears in this list, the viewport and the RealFlow "Relationship Editor” window. By removing it from one of these windows, the item disappears from all the other panels as well. The "Nodes" panel provides three different right-click menus with versatile functions for an accelerated workflow.


A typical "Nodes" window from a Hybrido fluid simulation.


This addition helps you to manage and filter large quantities of nodes with the help of so-called wildcards. The "Filter" input field can be seen in several windows, for example the "Nodes" and "Retime Simulation".



A wildcard is actually nothing more than a variable that can stand for anything – you might have seen them already in combination with command line file operations or search functions. The first wildcard symbol is the asterisk “*” and is used to substitute two or more characters or even complete words. RealFlow's wildcard filter is not case sensitive - you can use small case and capitals for your search. Here are a few examples:

  • Search for all nodes ending with “01” => type: *01
  • Search for all nodes with “object” in their name => type: *object*
  • Search for all nodes starting with “g” => type: g*
  • Search for all nodes with “grid” and “splash” => type: *grid*splash*

The second wildcard symbol is the question mark “?”. With this symbol it is possible to substitute a single character, for example:

  • Search for all nodes with a common prefix => type: Cube1?
  • This action will display “Cube10”, “Cube11” and so on, but not “Cube20”, “Cube300” etc.