Right-Click Menu Animation

Global Animation

This menu can be opened with a click on a parameter name. Here you can see several functions for creating animations and managing curves.



Open curve

This command opens the parameter's animation curve in the “Curve Editor”. If the parameter does not have a curve attached so far, a new one will be created and the parameter's value appears orange.

Delete curve

This option is used remove the current curves. Once the curve has been deleted, the value will turn grey again.

Copy curve to...

This is a very convenient feature. Simply call this command and RealFlow will open a node picker. Choose the desired element and RealFlow copies the entire curve to the other node. Please note that this action can only be performed between identical parameters: a particle emitter's “Speed” curve, for example, cannot be copied to a “Gravity” daemon's “Strength” parameter.

Add key

With this entry you can create a new key at the current location of the timeline slider

Remove key

Simply deletes an animation key at current point in time.

"Node" Panel Animation

The following parameters of the “Node” panel offer another, very convenient right-click menu: “Position”, “Rotation”, “Scale”, and “Shear”: you can either choose whether you want to create keyframes or remove key and curves for all three spatial directions (XYZ) at once or individually. The “Pivot” parameter cannot be animated and does not provide this possibility. Below you can see a screenshot of the “Position” parameter, but the mode of operation is exactly the same for all parameters listed above: