Daemons - Texture Gizmo

Every particle in a simulation can carry UVW mapping values. When the mesh is generated, its UVW grid will be created from the values in the surrounding particles. Therefore, the core UVW mapping information resides in the particles. The initial UVW values are, by default, the XYZ position, which is set when the particle is created and remains unchanged throughout the simulation. "Texture Gizmo" will change the UVW mapping according to the position, rotation and scale of the daemon. The new UVW coordinates will be calculated as a flat projection with the UV values running along the flat square, and the W values increasing in the perpendicular direction. "Texture Gizmo" will create the new UVW values using the particles in the selected frame or when the “Texture now” button is pressed.

This daemon is useful to map a texture on top of a fluid surface. Usually the particles need to be deployed in some way before performing the desired effect. When this condition is reached, you can apply the "Texture Gizmo" daemon to the selected frame to get fresh UVW values. These values will be then maintained throughout the simulation (unless you set “Remap in Play mode” to “Yes”).




Texture at frame

You can specify a certain point in time when the fluid becomes textured. From this moment the UVW data are generated and applied. By default this process starts at frame 0.

Texture from obj

To make use of this feature it is necessary to choose an object. Once a selection was made, the daemon grabs the UV data and applies them to the fluid.

Remap in Play mode

By activating this feature, the daemon can also be used with cached (=previously simulated and stored) particles.

Texture now

This button has actually the same function as “Texture at frame”, but you can choose any specific point in time independently from an earlier defined frame.