Daemons - Limbo

This daemon introduces two (virtual) parallel planes. Particles outside and near the planes are attracted to them. You can also change the sign of the attraction to achieve repulsion, similar to changing electric charges between conductors. Between the planes the forces are zero, so the daemon has absolutely no effect on particles or bodies crossing the gap.




Particles can be affected in two ways: either by “Force” or “Velocity”. The first option applies an external force, resulting in an acceleration, while the second one only modifies the velocities of the particles without introducing an additional acceleration.

Strength 1

Here you can define the force for the lower plane.

Attenuate 1

You can decide whether you want to have a fall-off with the lower plane’s force or not. By default this option is set to “No”.

Strength 2

Adjust the force’s strength for the upper plane with this function.

Attenuate 2

“Attenuate 2” works analogue to “Attenuate 1”, but affects the upper plane.