RealFlow integration

Courtesy of Lumiere Studios.

Rendering fluids is a complex process and often requires very large computational resources. In today's cinematic and motion graphics industry, there's always a demand for higher resolution, more detail or larger fluid surfaces and volumes.

RealFlow™ provides excellent fluid simulations, and it can generate different outputs: 

  • A mesh .BIN file obtained from a particle simulation, and already meshed inside RealFlow™
  • A particle .BIN file obtained from a particle simulation, to be meshed in render time (the mesh is generated in render time, so the scene file size remains small) 
  • An .SD mesh file obtained from a simulation of large bodies of water (sea, ocean, waves...) obtained with RealWave  

Maxwell Render includes the following extensions to handle the RealFlow output and convert them into a renderable entity: 




Maxwell ParticlesParticle loader

.BIN particles generated in RealFlow

or particles generated in a 3D platform that supports it

Procedural spheres to render
Maxwell Mesher

Particle loader

Mesh loader

.BIN particles generated in RealFlow

.BIN mesh produced by RealFlow

.SD produced by RealWave + frame number

Triangle mesh to render

Maxwell ClonerInstancer.BIN particles + an object existing in the sceneInstances of an object on each point of the BIN cloud
RF MeshesGeometry loader.BIN mesh generated in RealFlowTriangle mesh to render
RW MeshesGeometry loader.SD produced by RealWave + frame numberTriangle mesh to render