Learning and Resources FAQ

 1. Is there a printed/PDF manual available?

No. All directions, guidance and tips & tricks are here in the Support Center.  You can export each section to PDF by clicking on Tools at the top right of each page.

2. Are there any tutorials available for Maxwell Render?

Yes, we offer a wide range of tutorials (video and text) for beginners and experts, covering a wide range of topics related to Maxwell Render and the plug-ins.  These can be found in this documentation, on the Maxwell Render Blog, in the resources section of the website or on our YouTube channels.

3. I am looking for a Maxwell Render expert to help me with my project. Can you recommend anyone?

We recommend experts in the Maxwell Community section. The people in this area are expert users who have been working with Maxwell Render for a long time, and they are based all over the world.  Contact them directly to check rates and availability.

4. Where can I find Maxwell materials?

Over 3.600 free Maxwell materials are available from our community-based online material library at http://resources.maxwellrender.com.  These textures have been contributed by Maxwell Render users and are ready to be used directly in your scenes.

5. I don't remember my username/password for the MXM gallery?

The MXM gallery does not require a login now. If you cannot access its materials, please contact the support team. Alternatively, you can also access the material gallery from its web page.

6. How can I post in the Maxwell forum?

7. Is there a Maxwell SDK available and how can I access it?