Demo version

Courtesy of wonder Vision.

Download the Maxwell Render keyboard reference chart: Maxwell_shortcuts.pdf

Before you buy, you have the opportunity to "test drive" all Maxwell products through a demo version, available from the official Maxwell Render website.
The demo will allow you to become familiar with the software, see if it fits in your workflow, understand how it would benefit your work, and generally make sure Maxwell is exactly what you are looking for. The demo version has some necessary restrictions:

  • 30 day time limit
  • Node-locked license
  • Watermarked render in both CPU and GPU
  • Maximum render size of 1280 x 1024 pixels in both CPU and GPU.
  • Limited network rendering (you can test everything, but the cooperative renders won't merge).*

* If you would like to fully test the Maxwell Render network, please contact the sales team directly to request a special demo license

The demo version will provide you access to the product you choose, manuals, materials and other resources. Please take a look at the System requirements to run Maxwell Render before applying for a demo.

Please click here to fill out the form in order to apply for a demo.

Here is our Demo license activation guide to activate your demo. It's very easy!