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The Maxwell Render community consists of several branches that help to represent and promote Maxwell Render. Whether you´re looking for a means to purchase, for help in rendering your work or aid/expertise, below you´ll find information on Next Limit Technologies authorized partners.


RenderFarms are partner companies who hold extensive numbers of Maxwell Render licenses. They have the rights to sell the time/usage of their licenses in order to render your work and images quickly. They do this by distributing the work across multiple processors. For more information or to contact authorized partners please see RenderFarms.


Resellers are authorized partners who are able to resell Maxwell Render to end clients and users. We have an extensive network of resellers around the world that cater to specific countries, speak multiple languages and offer a variety of services. For information on resellers or to contact one, please see Resellers.


Xperts are Next Limit Technologies approved Maxwell Render experts. They have professional experience and have extensive Maxwell Render knowledge. Each Xpert offers their own services which include: consulting, courses, freelance work and trouble shooting. To learn more about our Xperts, see their work or contact them, please see Xperts.


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