Maxwell Cloner

The MaxwellCloner extension allows you to create instances of an object using the distribution from a particle .BIN file (.BIN and .PXI particle formats are supported, even if they were generated in programs other than RealFlow). This way it is easy to distribute thousands of instances of the same object (vegetation, birds, vehicles, stars, etc), to create a massive scene and, as the instances are created in render time, you can keep the file size small. 

Keep in mind that the object must be loaded in the scene, and that the MaxwellCloner is applied as an object modifier extension (i.e. in Studio, you must select the object and choose Object>Apply Object Modifier Extension>MaxwellCloner. On the supported plugins, its location depends on each 3D platform interface). 

Using a particle cloud to distribute instances of a few bird models using the MaxwellCloner. They can use the motion blur from the particle simulation 


MaxwellCloner panel in Studio

  • File Name: Path to the .BIN particle file 
  • Radius Factor: Multiplier for the original radius value of each particle. 
  • MB Factor: Multiplier for the particles motion blur value. 
  • Shutter 1/s: Shutter speed indicated in the fluid simulation. 
  • Load particles (%): Percentage of the particles to be rendered. 
  • Start offset: When you use the Load particles parameter lo load a fraction of the original particles, you can specify the initial particle number in which your particle sample will start from, using this parameter. 
  • Create N particles per particles: also known as Multiparticles. You can generate more particles from the original ones included in the .BIN file. This way, a lighter simulation with an small amount of particles can produce a more dense cloud by multiplying them on render time. The new particles are affected by the speed of the original ones. 
  • Extra particles dispersion: Distribute the new generated particles with this dispersion value around the original particle. 
  • Extra particles deformation: The new particles can be evenly generated inside an sphere around the original one, or inside an ellipsoid with this value of eccentricity. The ellipsoid is aligned along the direction of the particle speed. 
  • Use velocity: Apply the particle velocity to the instanced object. 
  • Scale with particle radius: . 
  • Delete MaxwellCloner: Delete the instancing modifier.

Test the scene 

You can download the .BIN particle file used in the render above and perform your own tests (Particle_Test_01.bin).