RealFlow’s “Relationship Editor” is a node-based system for defining the interactions between the scene’s nodes. The main purpose is to establish global and exclusive connections between a scene’s nodes.

Example A

In this example, all nodes are able to interact, because they are connected via the → "Hub01". This is RealFlow's default mode, and the hub will be created automatically when the first scene node is being added.

To avoid automatic linking, disable Edit > Add > Add to Default Hub.


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Example B

Here, the particles of the three Dyverso domains are able to interact with each other and the "Cube01" object.

The "Gravity" daemons act on each domain selectively – they are exclusive to their associated domain:

  • To remove a link, click on it and hit the Del key.
  • To establish a new link, hold Ctrl/Cmd pressed and draw a new line between two icons. RealFlow will indicate if a connection is valid or not.


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Example C

Scene nodes can also be connected directly without a hub. In the image below, the domains, meshes, objects, and daemons build separate groups and are not able to interact.


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Example D

This example is almost identical with C, but the common "Gravity" daemon will be acting on the two domains, while the other connections remain exclusive.


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