RealFlow provides predefined objects. Go to the "Objects" shelf and click on an icon to add an object to your scene. They

  • are fully scalable
  • can be addressed with RealFlow’s Python scripting
  • can be tagged as rigid or soft bodies
  • are able to interact with fluids, RealWave surfaces, or other dynamic objects
  • contribute to → wet-dry maps on demand.



MultiBodies are internally grouped objects. This means that the MultiBody's objects are treated as a single node, but in the viewport you can see the individual objects. Typical examples are → fragmented objects or → object arrays:

  • Load a SD file via Objects shelf > MultiBody.
  • You do not have access to these individual objects via a MultiBody's "Node Params" panel – your changes will be applied to all included nodes.
  • The objects' basic properties are listed under File > Summary Info...
  • If you want to perform per-object changes right-click on the MultiBody under "Nodes" and choose → "Spreadsheet".