Hybrido fluids are mainly used for mid or large-scale projects and they are based on a grid and cell technology. If you want to simulate small or mid-sized volumes of water with a high level of detail we recommend using RealFlow's → Dyverso technology. Effects like splashes, foam, or bubbles can be added through Hybrido secondary fluids. 



Basic Setup

In the → "Learn" section you will find a quick start tutorial about how to create a complete Hybrido scene. There you will also find guides for stopping particle emission, and more.

Setting up a Hybrido fluid scene requires just a few steps – the parameters are available under → "Node Params":

  • Create an object, e.g. a sphere to determine the point and volume of emission.
  • Add an emitter. The object will be linked to the emitter and a domain node will be created automatically.
  • If you want to create a stream of particle enable the emitter's "Stream" option.
  • Adjust the domain's parameters, e.g. "Viscosity". "Cell size" controls the number of particles.
  • Add a force daemon like "Gravity" or "Noise" to accelerate the particles.
  • Hit "Simulate".

Main Properties


Hybrido fluids always consist of a domain, an emitter, and an emission object:

  • The domain holds the particles and is responsible for the fluid's physical properties, as well as the number of particles ("Cell size").
  • The combination of emitter and object specifies the volume where the particles will be created and their initial speed.
  • When the first emitter is being added, a domain will be created automatically.
  • Fluids with different properties from multiple domains cannot interact.

Hybrido fluids have several limitations:

  • Hybrido is able to interact with rigid or soft bodies, but the objects do not show a correct buoyancy/floating behaviour.
  • Hybrido cannot interact with Dyverso, standard particles fluids, and RealWave.
  • Wet-dry maps cannot be created from Hybrido fluids by default.

Hybrido Secondary Fluids

Adding fluid effects like splashes, foam, or bubbles requires a certain workflow. The first part concerns the Hybrido fluid, the so-called "core fluid":

  • If not done already, simulate the Hybrido fluid.
  • Set HY_Domain > Node Params > Node > Simulation to "Cache".
  • Reset the scene



In the next step add a secondary fluid element, e.g. "Foam":

  • Create a "Foam" emitter and make your adjustments under Node Params > Foam Creation | Foam Dynamics.
  • Simulate.

If you want to add other secondary fluids, for example bubbles, proceed as follows:

  • Set HY_Foam > Node Params > Node > Simulation to "Cache".
  • Reset.
  • Add a new "Bubble" emitter, adjust its parameters, simulate.