RealWave Surfaces

RealWave is a wave simulation toolset. Objects, Dyverso and standard particles fluids are able to provoke waves and they can also create splashes and foam maps.


Basic Setup

There can only be one RealWave surface per scene and by default the mesh is just a flat plane. In order to add waves a so-called deformer is required.

  • Add a RealWave from the appropriate shelf.
  • Right-click on the RealWave node, choose "Add Wave", and select a deformer.
  • Multiple deformers can be mixed, weighted, and adjusted individually to create complex patterns.

If you use objects or particle emitters in conjunction with RealWave you will see that these nodes have individual settings for controlling how the objects and particles will affect the wave surface (Dyverso → "RW - Particle Interaction" and standard particles → "RW - Particle Interaction"). For objects there is the → "RealWave" panel.

RealWave is able to simulate a physical correct buoyancy and floating behaviour:

  • An object must be tagged as a rigid or soft body under its Node Params > Node > Simulation option.
  • In the object's "Rigid Body" or "Soft Body" panel you will find a mass ("density" with MultiBodies) parameter. Change this value to make the object float or sink.

Endless Oceans

The → "Ocean Statistical Spectrum" deformer can be tiled and creates a seamless surface. Click here for a guide to learn how to use this feature.

RealWave Emitters

RealWave provides two standard particle emitters for the creation of → object splashes and → wave crests. These emitters only work in conjunction with a RealWave surface.