Dyverso Questions

Is it possible to mix Dyverso fluids with Hybrido or standard particle fluids?

No. They are completely different technologies.

What is the Dyverso domain?

The domains holds the simulation's particles, while the emitter specifies the point of particle creation.

Can multiple Dyverso domains interact?


Do the "k" daemons affect Dyverso fluids?


Does Dyverso support (variable) viscosity?

Yes. The domain's "Viscosity" value can be animated in time, but spatial viscosity is not supported.

I can't see any particles. Why

Dyverso simulations always consist of a domain and an emitter. Only when both nodes are present it is possible to perform a simulation.

You should also check if the emitter's "Speed" value is greater than 0 or if the domain's "Resolution" is high enough.

Is Hybrido GPU-accelerated?

Yes. For more information read the → "GPU" chapter.