RealFlow Graphs

What is RealFlow's graph system?

Graphs is RealFlow's node-based programming tool. Instead of writing lines of code, like in Python, you assemble and connect nodes. RealFlow provides several hundreds of nodes for any purpose and you can influence almost any node, feature, or function.

Are there any beginner tutorials?

The most effective way is to analyze existing graphs. There are several resources, e.g.

Is there a Graph reference?

Go to RealFlow's main menu and choose Help > Graph Reference...

Is there an online Graph reference?


What is a batch graph?

Batch graphs are normally used to complete repetitive tasks, for example parameter changes, import of objects, applying colours, normalizing channels, object creation and manipulation, and so on. All these tasks do not need a simulation and they can be executed “offline”.

What is a simulation graph?

Simulation graphs are executed during a simulation and their main purpose is the manipulation and creation particles, objects, RealWave surface, or image maps. You can also activate or deactivate nodes on demand, etc.