Caronte Questions

What is "Caronte"?

"Caronte" is the name of RealFlow's rigid and soft body solver.

How can I define the quality of my rigid/soft body dynamics?

You can define the quality through the rigid and soft body solver's → "Quality" slider in RealFlow's simulation options. 

Why are my rigid bodies or soft bodies not falling?
You need to make sure that they have a force daemon applied to them, e.g. gravity. Furthermore, you have to specify whether the node is an active, passive, or soft body under the object's Node Params > Node > Dynamics
There is a body in my scene with very high elasticity (or friction) which is behaving as if these settings were low. Why is this?

When two bodies come into contact, elasticity (or friction) properties depend on the values of both bodies. Try increasing the elasticity (or friction) of the other body.

The elasticity of my soft body is set to a high value, but the soft body is not rebounding. Why?

Both the rebounds and internal vibrations of the soft body depend on "Elasticity" and "Internal damping" parameters. Try decreasing "Internal damping".

What are Multijoints? 

MultiJoints are used to connect objects and make them break again under controlled conditions. A typical field of application is to connect pre-fractured fragments. With the help of adjustable forces you specify how the pieces separate when they hit another object.

Can the MultiJoints work with MultiBodies?

Yes. This is of particular importance with pre-fractured objects, for example.

Why is it not possible to add objects to the MultiJoint node?

The objects must have dynamic properties. Go to the object's Node Params > Node > Dynamics option and select an mode.

Why does the “by stem” mode put the joints in the wrong place?

“By stem” mode is useful for tree and leaf systems. They need a particular order to work: The leaves must be in the "Objects A" section, and the tree in the "Objects B" section.

Is it necessary to recreate the joints when a parameter is modified for a rigid body or soft body?

No. It is only necessary to recreate the joints when you have changed the dynamics of the object. If you convert it from

  • a rigid to a soft body or vice versa
  • a passive rigid body to an active rigid body or vice vera.
  • The "Create/Recreate" button indicates when the MultiJoints have to be updated and you will see an asterisk (*).
How can I recreate all MultiJoints at the same time?

When you reset, all MultiJoints in the scene will be recreated if they have been changed.

Is the MultiJoint node accessible through scripting?

Yes, of course!

Why does the “by stem” mode not create joints between the leaf object and the tree object?

Most probably you need to bring the leaf closer to the tree.

Do Dyverso rigid and elastic materials work with Caronte?

Partially. Dyverso rigid and elastic particles are able to interact with Caronte-driven rigid and soft bodies. MultiJoints and MultiServos, on the other hand, cannot be used with Dyverso materials.

The settings of the  Caronte solver do not influence Dyverso.