Licensing Basics

What is the Hostid and what is it needed for?

The Hostid is a unique and hardware-specific code that is required for RealFlow's licensing process. Depending on your system it is possible that you will see more than one Hostid.

Where can I find the Hostid?

There are several methods of doing that. The first one is to launch an unlicensed copy of RealFlow. Under “I need to find the hostid of this machine” you will get the appropriate information:

If you have licensed RealFlow already then you can find the “hostid” in RealFlow's startup screen or under Help > About.

Finally, it is also possible to get any computer's “hostid” with a terminal application. This is, for example, necessary if you want to install the RLM on a dedicated computer, but without running RealFlow on that machine. For a complete guide, please visit  this page.

How do I claim my RF license from the customer portal

Please visit → this page for more information.

How do I install an RLM Server for RealFlow when there is already an RLM server running

If you have a floating license of Maxwell 3 (or higher) installed and running on your machine already then you simply have to drag and drop the license file to the directory of the Maxwell Render RLM.

On systems with multiple instances of the RLM it can become necessary to change the RLM's default port (5053 for the application, 5054 for the web server). Please open → this page for more information.