Network Simulations

I have changed the Path Translation Rules of a job from the "Edit Job" page, but my changes seem have been ignored. What can I do?

When simulating a RealFlow script, there are two sets of Path Translation Rules: those used to locate the script file and, inside the script, and another set used to locate the scene's FLW file. Since the script remains intact, changes in "Edit Job" page's "Path Translation Rules" will allow the script to be located, but it will fail on execution. To solve this problem you can either resend the job to the "Job Manager" with the proper Path Translation Rules or edit the script when possible.

I have edited a job's start and end frames but, when I restart the job, simulation begins at the old start frame value. Why is this happening?

If the file to be simulated is a RealFlow script, the options shown in the section "The following options will be ignored when running in script mode" are only used to display information.

I have tried every combination of Path Translation Rules but they always seem to fail on Windows paths. What should I do?

Please visit → "Path Translation Rules" for more information.

What ports should I setup in the "Job Manager" settings?

By default, the ports range is set to 65454 - 65474. Make sure you have this ports available and reachable in the network to work with the "Job Manager".

Why refuses the "Job Nodes" to work?
  • You need a license for each node you wish to use for simulating RealFlow scenes. Please make sure the license is installed and the node is running.
  • Please also check that the ports in the "Job Manager" application and RealFlow's preferences match, and that they are not blocked by firewalls.
  • The "Job Manager" and "Job Nodes" have to be open for network simulations.
  • Network drives, used for simulations, have to be mounted on all computers involved.
How can I see the "Job Manager" in a browser?

When the "Job Manager" application is running simply go to this link: