How do I import fluids into my 3D program?

Next Limit provides free connectivity plugins ("RFConnect") to import simulation data. These connectivity plugins are available for download from our → Customer Gateway:

  • Actively supported platforms are 3ds, Cinema 4D, Houdini, and Maya.
  • For Lightwave we provide compatibility updates  but do not fix bugs or add new features.
  • XSI is no longer under development, but can be downloaded from the → Customer Gateway ("RF Connect").
  • Support for other programs (Modo, Clarisse, etc.) is provided through the Alembic pipeline.
Where is the RealFlow RenderKit RFRK?

We have discontinued the development of the RFRK as of January 1., 2017 and the package is no longer available.

Are there plugins for Modo, Clarisse, Blender...?

These applications provide support for Alembic and – at least partially – OpenVDB files. By switching the output formats of RealFlow meshes, particles, and objects to Alembic you will be able to create a complete pipeline for most 3D porgrams.

Do I have to purchase the "RF Connect" plugins?

All connectivity plugins supported by Next Limit Technologies are free for RealFlow customers.

Do I have to install my "RF Connect" plugins separately?

Yes, you should download your connectivity plugin from the download page and run it as a separate installation. These plugins are not included in the RealFlow installer, and if you do not download and install your connectivity plugin, your 3D/ CAD application will not be able to recognize RealFlow's file formats.

Can I download/ install more than one "RF Connect" plugin set on my computer?

Yes, you can download and install as many connectivity plugins as you like. For example, it is possible to have the 3DS and the Maya connectivity plugins for RealFlow on the same machine.

How do I know if I have the latest version of "RF Connect"?

The easiest way is to visit our  Customer Gateway. In the download section you will always get the latest versions.

What is the optimal scale to work in RealFlow?

Unfortunately, there is no global rule for scene scales. Some users prefer working at real scales, other say say that scale does not matter too much as long as the simulation looks good. Furthermore, the 3D programs, supported by RealFlow, use different scales too. Some of the connectivity plugins provide settings for compensating scale differences, but if you work at real world scales it is often necessary to change RealFlow's internal scale settings.

Which file formats are supported by RealFlow?

RealFlow supports a wide variety of file format for importing and exporting data, e.g. Alembic, OpenVDB, Krakatoa's PRT, Arnold's ASS, but also many native format. Open RealFlow's "Export Central" dialogue (F12) for a complete list.

Will you support the latest version of my application?

We are aware of the development cycles of the supported hosting applications, but it is normally not possible to release an update for a RealFlow connectivity plugin at the same time as the application is updated. However, our intention is always to release the update as soon as possible.

Will you create RealFlow connectivity plugins for currently unsupported applications?

Unfortunately it is not possible to support every applications on the market. If there is a plugin you particularly want, please let us know. We always try to consider the needs of our customers.