After the purchase you receive an automated confirmation email which contains a node-locked license key and instructions for downloading and installing RealFlow 10.

If you are a new customer, you also receive a → customer gateway login email. Please check your spam folder and contact us if the email is past due for more than 24 hours.

RealFlow 10 is exclusively available from our customer gateway:

  • Go to the → customer gateway and enter your login data.
  • After your purchase/demo request has been approved you will be able to download from My Downloads (1).
  • Choose a product (RealFlow 10, RealFlow Job Manager, RFConnect) from the dropdown menu (2).


Click on the image for a full-size view.

Job Manager

The "Job Manager" is not necessary if you have a license for a single floating or node-locked version of RealFlow 10.

With multiple RealFlow Standard or RealFlow Node licenses you can download the "Job Manager" to perform simulations over a network:

  • Choose "Job Manager" from the "Select product" menu (2).


RFConnect contains the RealFlow Connectivity Plugins and the RealFlow RenderKit. Both plugins are used to import and export data from and to RealFlow. The RealFlow RenderKit allows you to mesh RealFlow's particle files directly inside your 3D application, and rendering particles. RFConnect is available for all major 3D platforms:

  • Select "RF Connect" from the "Select product" menu (2).
  • Choose your 3D platform.

RealFlow|Cinema 4D

RealFlow | Cinema 4D is a separate product and provides RealFlow's Dyverso solver, its OpenVDB mesh engine, and a selection of daemons seamlessly integrated into Cinema 4D.

If you want to learn more about this plugin just → contact us or visit the → online manual.