What is "RFConnect" and which platforms/render engines are supported?

"RFConnect" is a collection of plugins for exchanging data between RealFlow and your 3D application:

  • The plugins are free of charge and can be downloaded together with your copy of RealFlow (all license types) from our customer gateway.
  • "RFConnect" requires 64 bit operating systems and host applications. 

PlatformSupported VersionsWindowsmacOSLinux
3ds Max2020 - 2022
Cinema 4DR18 - R24
Houdini17.5.460 - 18.0.287

Maya2018 - 2020
Where are the Lightwave and Softimage | XSI connectivity plugins?

Both plugin suites are no longer actively developed, but can be downloaded from the customer account as well:

PlatformLast Supported VersionWindowsmacOSLinux
Softimage | XSI2015
Where is the RealFlow RenderKit RFRK?

We have discontinued the development of the RFRK as of January 1., 2017 and the package is no longer available.

Are there plugins for Modo, Clarisse, Blender...?

These applications provide support for Alembic and – at least partially – OpenVDB files. By switching the output formats of RealFlow meshes, particles, and objects to Alembic you will be able to create a complete pipeline for most 3D porgrams.