JM - Job Manager Actions

This section contains a couple of links, leading to new pages, for managing jobs and nodes. “Add New Job” has exactly the same function as its counterpart under “Current Jobs” and with “Add New Workgroup” it is actually the same.



Manage Nodes

Here you can find many features from the “Edit” page under “Nodes”, but it is possible process all available nodes easily from a clearly arranged table. The buttons and entries are self-explanatory and already discussed in the previous sections. Below the table you will also find a couple of functions in the form of links. These are used to switch certain attributes from selected nodes on or off. Additionally, there is a small “Help” section, explaining the table’s columns. “Reset” and “Submit” work as usual.

Another set of functions is used to remove finished, broken or inactive jobs conveniently. Instead of deleting them individually under “Current Jobs”, these actions can be used to delete all jobs at once.

Clear Incidences

An incident is an entry to its RSS feed showing you the manager’s messages in a clearly arranged feed.



You can call this page from a browser with:

RealFlow’s built-in "Job Manager" window is not capable of displaying RSS feeds, because it does not support the feed protocol, but you can at least follow a text version.