JM - Nodes

Nodes are added and removed automatically, though an updated list requires reloading this page. The different columns give you some basic information about the computers you are using and “Status” tells you whether the node can be used for simulation or not. The little icon on the right gives you the option to edit the desired node. The “Status” column is again of special importance and can show a variety of states, shown in the table on the right.


A shortened representation of the “Nodes” table.





The node is available for simulation.


There is no connection with the manager.


Ignored nodes are those with the “Ignore” flag set to “On”, regardless of whether it is available or not.


The node is currently connected to the manager. If a node stalls on this status for some reason, it can be reconnected with the “retry” action. Usually you can see this message when the node starts to bind itself to the manager.


A simulation is currently in progress.


The node cannot be used due lacking a valid license. The “retry” action will appear in this case for a second chance.


The node is disabled. This can happen when the workgroup it belongs to is disabled or has reached its maximum amount of jobs.

Nodes – "Edit"

The settings for nodes are displayed a new page when you click on “edit”.



Node Name

Here you can enter a node’s real name, as it appears in your network, e.g. “MyComputer”, “RF_Render_Node” and so on. Please bear in mind that node names must not include blanks or special characters. Another option is to use an IP address. Both methods are valid, but the name and IP have to exist, of course.

Ignore Node with this IP

It is sometimes necessary to exclude a computer from a simulation, because it is busy with other jobs, needed by someone else or there is currently no appropriate license available. Check this button if you want to ignore the observed node. The "Job Manager" rejects any connection from the specified IP and if the node was already connected to the manager, then it will be kicked out. A common scenario could be a Maxwell "Render Node" in conflict with a RealFlow "Job Node". For disabling purposes it is better to use the “Disable” check box, because this mode acts more like banning a node.

Show Node even when disconnected

Disconnected nodes will be removed from the node list automatically, but you can force them to be kept by activating “Visible”.

Disable Node

It is also possible to completely disable a node’s functionality with this option.


“Reset” restores the previously visible settings and “Submit” passes everything to the manager. You will probably have to reload the web-interface to make the changes visible.

Remove node

This link removes the currently edited node manually from the "Nodes" table.