Release Notes


Maxwell Render

New Features

  • Nested references.

  • New procedural texture: Random Color.

  • New procedural texture: Random Uvs.

  • Emitter groups for Multilight.


  • Searching paths include 3 levels of subfolders.

  • Multilight intensity override decimal precision at Mxi Batch Processing tool.


  • Using emixer files at MXI Batch Processing tool makes other changes to be ignored.

  • Noise procedural texture doesn’t use the seed.

  • If a texture is blended with a procedural texture and tiling is used, procedural texture uses squared tiling.

  • Selecting a folder on UI sets the path without a final slash.

  • Dropping a file on a path UI sets the file path wrong.

  • Crash when closing app if any field has focus.

  • Bad illumination patterns with high values of blur in spotlights.

  • Random crash using denoiser.

  • Switching between GPU and CPU engines at render time can make some emitters to stop working.

  • Slow render using custom alpha channel on 2 socket machines.


  • Normals channel now shows normal and bump mapping.

  • UI for hi-dpi screens (4k and on).

Known Issues

  • Wrong data issues with TIFF images and LZW compression in Linux platforms (including Maxwell Cloud nodes).


Maxwell GPU

New Features

  • Additive materials.

  • Multi-GPU rendering.

  • High resolution renders supported.


  • If an instance of an object has a material but the original object uses the default one, both of them use the default material.

  • Deleting BSDFs with FIRE-GPU “on”, makes other objects to change their material.

  • Object opacity clipmaps fail in some scenarios.

  • Ghost BSDF in combination with other BSDFs doesn’t behave as expected.

  • Some scenes have noisy caustics where draft CPU engine doesn’t.

  • Some monochrome images (i.e. TIF format) do not work properly in monochromatic maps (i.e. opacity).

  • “No tiling” feature on textures does not work.

  • Render Booleans are not interacting properly with indirect lighting rays.

  • Black emitter + BSDF makes FIRE to crash at stop.

  • FIRE-GPU can crash at material change.

  • Monochrome textures not being sampled properly.

  • Textures for opacity layers not working in emitters.

  • Re-enable a disabled material layer with FIRE running may crash.

  • Moving an emitter with FIRE running may crash.

  • Materials with roughness between 90 and 100 may not behave as intended.

  • Repeated textures are repeated on GPU memory too.

  • CPU memory peak on GPU copy.

  • Moving instances on FIRE-GPU may crash.

  • Changing resolution between renders may make GPU render to crash.

  • Multistep motion blur may have triangles disappearing


  • Graphics Card driver version detection.

Known Issues

  • Crash when consecutive renders with different resolutions are done with multi-gpu.

  • Dielectrics materials don’t behave as intended on some scenes.

  • Some channels (alpha, material, object, position, z-buffer) may show artifacts.


Maxwell Studio

New Features

  • Render via Maxwell Cloud.

  • Render animations (from the Export animation tool) via Maxwell Cloud/Network.

  • Auto-save.

  • Open/Import V-Ray scenes (.vrscene files).

  • Added Linked Camera button in Fire window to connect/disconnect the Fire view to the camera movement.

  • Double click on a material on Resources Browser imports it to the scene.

  • Active view (rendering view) indicator in the 3D viewport.


  • Searching paths include 3 levels of subfolders.

  • Render and Fire CPU/GPU dropdown menus were replaced with a one-click selector.

  • Fire buttons were moved to the interactive preview window.

  • Fire Options dropmenu was replaced with settings and save buttons (right-click menu is still there).


  • Some scenes crash saving MXS after render FIRE at high quality.

  • MXM alternative folder option is disabled at loading.

  • If a number with more decimals than the field precision is entered, the value changes to 1.0.

  • New UV channel has index 255 by default.

  • Maxwell Scatter: Scatter modifier guides are now pointing in the right direction (previously they were leaning towards Y=0).

  • FIRE crashes changing quality.

  • Moving instances on FIRE makes multiple objects on the way.

  • Changing the camera aspect ratio with FIRE-GPU “on”, corrupts image.

  • FIRE forces re-voxelization on object transform edit.


  • UI for hi-dpi screens (4k and so).

  • SL and resolution indicator in FIRE window.

  • Improved fonts and look of the informative text in the viewports and Fire windows.

Known issues

  • On one machine with MacOS Catalina (10.15), Studio is crashing when minimizing the Lights panel. In general terms, we are finding more instability on Catalina; we’ll work on it.



New Features

  • Maxwell Cloud.


  • Network always render with production engine.

  • If the denoiser is activated on the scene, network denoiser options don’t override it.



New Features

  • MXS and MXI files have metadata.


  • Crash editing MXI files with Simulens “on”.