Maya - Other Materials

Maya Materials

The built-in Lambert, Blinn and Phong shaders are translated to a Maxwell material with a single diffuse BSDF. The color attribute is mapped to reflectance 0, the transparency attribute is mapped to transmittance and refractiveIndex is used as the Nd. The roughness is set to 99. If a bump or normal map is present on any of these materials, it is used in Maxwell as well. The attenuation distance is set to 100 centimeters.

Built-in Maya material

This translation is done so you can get a rough idea of the texturing in the scene when starting to convert a Maya scene which is already set up for another render engine. For precise control over the look of your scenes and accurate results you should always use the Maxwell Layered Material node.

Legacy Material

The Maxwell Material node - notice the missing "Layered" in the name - represents an old material model used in Maxwell 1. It is only kept for compatibility with old scenes and should never be used in new scenes. The Maxwell Layered Material node completely replaces the old material, offering all of its features, plus the improvements made in Maxwell 2 and above. The old node will be removed in a future Maxwell release.