Maya - Maxwell Assistant Material

The Material Assistant is a new and easy-to-use material editor which uses a set of intuitive parameters to greatly simplify and speed up the material creation process. In Maya, the Material Assistant is a material node that can be created from Hypershade or by selecting "Assign New Material" in the right-click menu of a node and selecting Maxwell Material Assistant.

Currently, the Material Assistant node can create the following material types:

  • AGS: special transparent material useful for speeding up interior renders - see the Architectural Glass Solution (AGS) page for details.

  • Opaque: any kind of opaque, diffuse or shiny materials such as solid plastics, shiny wooden floors, concrete etc.

  • Transparent: all transparent glass and plastic materials which are not translucent (they do not have sub surface scattering).

  • Metal: all kinds of metals.

  • Translucent: all transparent and semi transparent materials which are translucent - plastics, marble, milk.

  • Car paint: for creating multilayered paints such as metallic car paint.

  • Hair: useful to use with fur and hair tools. It sets the texture channels automatically for surface or root-tip mapping.

  • TableBrdf: this is a connexion to use MERL Materials database (TableBRDF).

  • Xrite AxF Material: this is a connection to use X-Rite AxF Materials.

  • Substance Painter: this material allows to easily select the textures generated in Substance Painter to create a Maxwell material.

  • Substance Designer: this material lets you load a .sbsar material from Substance and tune some of its options