Custom Shelves

RealFlow's shelves are treated independently from the rest of the UI. This means that all changes will be applied to the UI immediately and stored. There is no need to save a layout file.

Editing Shelves

  • Click on a tab, hold the mouse pressed and drag it to a new position.
  • Shelves cannot be placed outside the shelf area.


A shelf's elements, also called commands, are moveable:

  • Open the shelf and right-click on a free area.
  • From the menu choose “Edit shelf...”.
  • A new window with three columns appears.
  • In the middle column drag and drop the elements to their new positions – a white line indicates the new place.
  • Click on “Close”.

Adding Shelves

New shelves can also be added:



  • Tools > Shelves Manager (see icon above)
  • In the appearing window click on “Add new shelf”.
  • Specify a name and an icon.
  • In the left column, choose the newly created shelf.
  • In order to fill the shelf with commands follow the steps under “Adding Commands” below.


Adding Commands

 Shelves can be filled with commands – a command can even appear multiple times in the same shelf:

  • Tools > Shelves Manager (see icon above)
  • In the left column, choose a shelf.
  • In the right column, choose which command(s) you want to add.
  • You can use the search field to look for a specific command or apply "Filter...".
  • Add the command(s) by clicking on the large vertical button with triangle (see image above).
  • Commands appear in the middle column, where they can be reorganized with drag and drop.