RealFlow Preferences

The pages of the → "Configure" section give you a quick overview of the most important settings and how to set up RealFlow quickly.

But, there is also an extensive preferences section under File | RealFlow > Preferences:

  • Preferences are global and valid for every scene. Most of the simulation-related parameters can be overwritten for each new project, e.g. under → "Simulation Options" or RealFlow's → "Scale Options".
  • The window is subdivided into several topics which are accessible via the tree structure on the left.



Below you find direct links to the individual parameter references with detailed explanation:


GeneralConfigure RealFlow's basics like axis setup, default scene folders, scales and undo actions"General" reference
SimulationSubdivided into four tabs for every solver to adjust accuracy, GPU support, quality, FPS and threads."Simulation" reference
DisplayConfigure viewport, layout, and colours."Display" reference
BackupMake a custom backup plan."Backup" reference
NotifyKeep yourself updated about the health of your simulations."Notify" reference
ShortcutsDefine your own shortcuts."Shortcuts" reference
ScriptsConfigure your Python environment."Scripts" reference
ShelvesCustomize RealFlow's shelves."Shelves" reference
ParametersDecide how RealFlow's "Node Params" should look."Parameters" reference
GraphsConfigure your graphs environment."Graphs" reference
Projects dialogCustomize the project manager."Projects dialog" reference
ExportFile padding and extensions."Export" reference
PreviewResolution, captions, and Maxwell settings for your previews."Preview" reference
LayoutWhere to save your custom GUI layouts."Layout" reference
CurvesConfigure RealFlow's "Curve Editor""Curves" reference
Job ManagerAddress of the "Job Manager" and its web interface, path translation rules."Job Manager" reference
Command LineSpeed up simulations with the command line."Command Line" reference