Anamorphic Bokeh

The Maxwell Render real camera model includes support for anamorphic bokeh, allowing you to get a natural anisotropic non-round bokeh, typical when you use an anamorphic lens on a real camera. 

Isotropic bokeh (left) versus anamorphic bokeh (right), characteristic from an anamorphic lens 

Enabling the Anamorphic Bokeh and adjust its Ratio and Angle (screenshot from Studio)

The parameters to adjust the bokeh look are: 

  • Bokeh Ratio: Specifies the aspect ratio of the bokeh (Length/Width), corresponding to the camera lens aspect ratio.
  • Bokeh Angle: Allows you to set the angle at which you lens is squeezed. 

Anamorphic bokeh in a 2:1 ratio (Bokeh Ratio=2) and rotated 45º (Bokeh Angle=45º)