Maxwell Settings

To adjust Maxwell Render to your needs go to the "Maxwell" shelf and click on the "Maxwell Scene Preferences" icon. A new window opens with two sections:

Click on "Settings".



Image Quality

This parameter ranges from 20 to 100 and determines the render's size in pixels – it acts like a multiplier. An example:

  • Adjusted render size: 800 x 600
  • Quality = 80%
  • Actual render resolution: (800 * 0.8) x (600 * 0.8) = 640 x 480
  • As a result, the image appears blurred. Change “Quality” to 100 to get a crisp render.
Number of threads

Determines how many computer cores will be used for the render.

Global Scale

Adjust Maxwell Render's scale with RealFlow's scale. If the objects in the rendered images appear like miniatures you consider a higher scale. Transparent and SSS materials also react on scale changes.


Max Frame Time

Here you can enter a render time limit in seconds. When the limit is reached the render will be aborted even if the given “Max Sampling Level” is not yet reached.

Max Sampling Level

The higher the sampling level, the less noise the final image will have. The default value of 7 is suitable for most previews. Higher settings result in longer render times.


Maxwell Render comes in two flavours: "Draft" and "Production".

Motion Blur

The value acts like a multiplier to stretch the motion blur streaks. Motion blur is not available with → Maxwell FIRE.

Apply Button

With "Apply" it is possible to trigger a new FIRE render: the preferences dialogue remains open and you can perform more changes, try different lighting parameters, etc.