Maxwell FIRE

FIRE is the abbreviation for "Fast Interactive Rendering" and describes a real-time render method. The workflow is simple:


The Maxwell FIRE icon.


  • Prepare your scene/simulation and apply materials to the nodes.
  • Click on the FIRE button in the Render shelf – the → "Maxwell Interactive" panel is opened, and the render starts.
  • Now, change the viewport perspective, → object/mesh/emitter materials, or node positions, and the image will be updated in real-time.


Finally, → lighting and → render quality can also be changed at render time directly:


The Maxwell Scene Preferences icon.


  • Render shelf > Maxwell Scene Preferences > Settings tab
  • Here you will find several settings for controlling the render's environment.
  • Click on "Apply" to see the effect of your settings.
  • Once you are happy, click on "OK" to confirm the adjustments.