Starting point for splashes is always an existing → core fluid simulation.

If you want to create foam from splashes you have to activate the splash node's RPC option in the  "Export" tab or "Export Central". Other formats can also be exported, e.g. Alembic, but they cannot be used for foam creation.



Scene Setup

  • Set the domain's simulation state to → “Cache” (“yellow rocket”).
  • Add a "Splash" emitter from the “Hybrido” shelf.
  • Reset the scene.


What you see now is a bounding box with a dimension of 10 m x 10 m x 10 m. The domain can be positioned and scaled with the settings under Node Params > Node or the W and R keys. You can prevent the particles from leaving the domain:

  • If not done already add a → "k Volume” daemon and adjust it to the splash domain with the R key.
  • Or make sure that the splash particles will be enclosed inside an object, e.g. a cube.


You can control the emission of particles with the parameters under → “Splash Creation”:



  • A wide variety of threshold values are used to control in which parts of the core fluid splashes will occur. These areas can be → previewed.
  • The higher the thresholds, the less particles you will get ("Angle threshold" is the only exception).
  • The “Emission rate” parameter is also responsible for the number of particles. It can be necessary to use very high values of 1 million and more.