Benchwell Test

Benchwell is the official Maxwell Render benchmarking test which enables you to check your computer's performance under controlled conditions, so that you can compare your rendering power with other hardware configurations.

To run the Benchwell test, simply open Maxwell, go to the Tools menu > Benchwell and choose if you want to test the CPU engine or the GPU engine. It automatically downloads the corresponding Benchwell scene from Next Limit's server (next time you run the test, the system will detect if the scene is already present in your computer, and will skip this download). Then it automatically runs the Benchwell test, rendering the provided scene under known conditions, and outputting a benchmark value that represents the rendering power of your computer.

Running the Benchwell test in Maxwell

Neither the Benchwell scenes nor the render settings can be altered, ensuring every test is performed under the standard conditions. 

Once the test is finished, Maxwell gathers your system settings and allows you to publish your performance value together with your hardware configuration onto the Benchwell webpage, thereby contributing to a valuable hardware comparison chart. You can use the benchmark comparison to compare the performance of different system configurations and optimize your hardware investments. 

From the same menu, you can access the benchmark chart The results on the table (one tab for the CPU and another for the GPU engine) also demonstrate the superb scalability that Maxwell has in the render process, showing an unrivaled linear relationship between the processor power and the render performance.

Visit the Benchwell webpage to the charts online