Windows: Floating license installation

This guide is for Floating licenses ONLY which which also includes Faculty licenses. In case you own a Node Locked license instead, please see here.

Step-by-step video guide to installing and activating your Floating license


How to install and activate a Floating license on Windows

00:07 - Download
00:58 - Installation (RLM & Maxwell)
02:09 - Licensing a RLM computer
02:30 - Licensing a RLM computer which has an Internet connection
02:44 - License Activation
03:50 - Licensing other computers
04:24 - Licensing other computers: using the license activator
05:57 - Licensing other computers: copy/pasting the maxwell_license.lic file
07:00 - Licensing a RLM computer which does not have an Internet connection
09:19 - Changing the default port number of 5053

Before you begin

Please see the system requirements on this page.

Before installing: should you install also the RLM License Server or not?

Do NOT install

  • If you have already installed the license server on another computer on your network. Only one RLM License Server should be installed on your entire network.
  • If you already had an application installed which also uses an RLM License Server. See at the bottom of the page on how to make Maxwell Render work with it.

Do Install

  • If you want this computer to act as a license server for your network, and you have not installed the RLM License Server on any other computer previously. Check the box "RLM License Server" in the installer, this will then also install the RLM License Server.

Step 1 - Running the installer

  • Make sure that you right-click on the .EXE file and choose "Run as Administrator".
  • The installer will ask if you also wish to license Maxwell Render. Choose Yes if you have never licensed Maxwell Render on this computer, or No if Maxwell Render was already licensed and you simply updated it with a patch or a new V3.x version. If you choose Yes, see Step 2.

Step 2 - Licensing Maxwell Render

The License Activator application will open and the following licensing options will appear:

I have a license key

Choose this option if you have a floating license key and have not already installed the RLM server on another computer. In the next window there are two options:

I have installed the RLM server on a different computer and wish to access it from this computer

Choose this option only if you have a floating license key, and you've already installed the RLM server on another computer in your network. If you have a floating license and have never installed the RLM server on any computer, please choose instead the first option - "I have a license key".

I want to try the demo

The most common licensing error messages

  • Connection error - Usually means the license activator and/or Maxwell Render is blocked by a firewall and can't reach our servers.
  • "License could not be validated" - Usually has the same cause as the above.
  • "License could not be saved" - This means Maxwell doesn't have enough permissions on your computer to write the license file to disk. Start the install process again, making sure to right-click on the installed and chosen "Run as Administrator".

If you still have problems, the first thing you should do is open Maxwell (not Maxwell Studio) and look in the Console panel for any licensing errors. Then go to the licensing troubleshooting page to see if the error message is listed there, and what the solution is.

How to make Maxwell Render work with an existing RLM License server

Many applications use RLM for license management. If you are already running a RLM License Server you do not need to install an additional license server for Maxwell but you can reuse the existing one. In order to do so please follow these steps:

Installing Maxwell in silent mode 

Maxwell allows a silent installation of its components via command line on Windows. To do so, simply type /S when invoking the installer on the command line prompt: 

  • On Windows 32Bits: maxwell_3.0_win32.exe /S /D=C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell
  • On windows 64Bits: maxwell_3.0_win64.exe /S /D=C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell

The additional arguments are: 

/D=dir  (to indicate the folder where Maxwell will be installed)
/MATERIALDATABASE= dir  (to indicate the path to the materials database folder)
/SHORTCUTS=on/off  (creates desktop shortcuts to the application. By default it is disabled)