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System Requirements

Operating system: Windows
  • Windows 7 SP1

  • Windows 8

  • Windows 8.1

  • Windows 10

Operating system: Mac OS X
  • Mac OS X 10.9 and higher

Operating system: Linux:
  • 64 bits distribution with a 2.6 Kernel and glibc 2.12

  • csh (C-shell)

  • binutils

  • CPU 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor

  • 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB of RAM memory is highly recommended

Disk Space
  • 2 GB available hard disk space for installation

GPU Acceleration
  • CUDA 3.0

  • OpenCL 1.1

  • 32 KB minimum local memory size

  • 2 GB minimum VRAM (VRAM limits the size of simulations you can run on)

  • 3 button mouse

  • Hardware-accelerated OpenGL® graphics card

Features Added

RF-281 Particle-based fluids - DYVERSO Multi-physics solver.

RF-2379 Texture-based parameters - Possibility to modify texture based parameters from Python, C++ and graphs.

RF-2637 Export Central, File export - New "Export" panel for every node that allows for setting all the export parameters for that node.

RF-3668 User interface - New Tools->Select Command... option to show a popup to search and select RealFlow commands.

RF-3682 Parameters manipulation, Preferences - New parameter preferences option to hide the @ character at the beginning of some parameters.

RF-3694 Export Central - New search bar on top of the export central to filter the displayed elements.

RF-3695 Projects window - New Project window.

RF-3699 Scene Thumbnail - New 'Thumbnail' section in "Project Info" to configure and select an image to be used as thumbnail.

RF-3706 Nodes tree - From now on, the scene tree will represent the actual hierarchy of the scene, and the "Parent to" parameter will be no longer necessary.

RF-3759 K volume daemon - k Volume daemon new Shape parameter to select between Box, Sphere, Plane and Object modes.

RF-3774 Dyverso, Parameters manipulation - "Continuous Collision Detection" parameter.

RF-3775 Dyverso, Parameters manipulation - Group parameters in two different categories, "Collision" and "Interaction".

RF-3776 GFC->VDB tool - Tool to convert GFC files to VDB files.

RF-3777 General - New Save Incremental option in File menu to save the current scene incrementing its suffix number.

RF-3780 Preferences - New preference to avoid creating the default RealFlow scene tree.

RF-3781 FLW read/write, Preferences, Standard - Particles Emitter - New preferences setting to avoid embedding current standard particles in the FLW file.

RF-3782 FLW read/write, Preferences, RealWave - New preferences setting to avoid embedding RealWave geometry in the FLW file.

RF-3824 General - Possibility to assign tags to the scene in File->Project Info window.

RF-3873 Dyverso, Particle Skinner, Standard - Particles Emitter - New daemon "Particle Skinner", allows for objects to be skinned with particles.

RF-3897 Graphs - New SetMultiBodyTransformation graph node.


RF-210 Bitmap emitter, Dyverso - The bitmap should be displayed in the viewport.

RF-794 FLW read/write - Pack&Go for file scenes

RF-2603 Hybrido - The Hybrido solver improvements in speed and memory footprint.

RF-3611 General - Migrate to latest Qt 5 version.

RF-3621 File export - OBJ exported files should use the name of the RealFlow node instead of Nameless.

RF-3712 C++ API, Camera, Python API - Implement scene.setCurrentCamera() function.

RF-3719 Hybrido - The "GFC" cache format for Hybrido fields has been deprecated in favor of the "VDB" format.

RF-3720 Hybrido - Convert deprecated "GFC" files to "VDB" when opening old RealFlow scenes.

RF-3722 Hybrido - The caching of the VDB fields is now 7x faster.

RF-3739 General - Improve HiDPI display support.

RF-3753 Shelves - Daemons shelf now contains less entries. The remaining daemons are grouped in the "Other" submenu.

RF-3758 K collision daemon - Improved performance of K Collision daemon when linked to Hybrido nodes.

RF-3772 Node parameters window - New "Select members" button for Groups in Node parameter tab.

RF-3790 Grid Foam, Grid splash & Foam - Improved generation of foam from splash particles.

RF-3796 viewport - Zoom All and Zoom Selected should zoom all particles for Dyverso and Hybrido, and geometry for Meshes.

RF-3801 Export Central - Now it is possible to select multiple items in Export Central and right click on them to check/uncheck all and edit their path value.

RF-3820 User interface  - Zoom Selected should keep into account the spline shape of spline type nodes.

RF-3821 Preferences - Possibility to use environment variables for paths in Preferences. The usage format is $(env_var_name) as in other RealFlow places.

RF-3834 Particle VDB Mesh - The "Radius" parameter is not required to be larger than the value of the "Polygon size" parameter multiplied by 1.5.

RF-3836 User interface  -Clicking on the timeline brings you to the closest frame. Until RealFlow 2016 it was always clamped to the leftmost frame.

RF-3842 Preferences - New "Projects dialog" section in Preferences.

RF-3857 Dyverso, Fill object emitter - Objects used for emission in the Fill Emitter that are also linked (colliding) with the Domain where the Fill Emitter is creating the particles, are automatically ignored for collision.

RF-3858 Licensing - Demo licenses should be checked after any other type of licenses.

RF-3859 Command Line Version - New option to use RealFlowNode when sending a simulation to command line.

RF-3865 Alembic I/O - Add in the preferences the option to export Alembic files using Ogawa or HDF5.

RF-3874 Preferences - A new preference to let the user cache OpenVDB file on RAM right before writing it to disk.

RF-3882 General - Display size is stored separately for Points and Sphere display mode for Dyverso and Hybrido.

RF-3888 Graphs - New Get/SetCommandLineOptions graph nodes.

RF-3889 Graphs - New Get/SetDyversoSimulationOptions graph nodes.

RF-3890 C++ API, Python API - New Python and C++ setResetToInitialState() and isResetToInitialStateEnabled() functions.

RF-3891 C++ API, Python API - New setNumberOfThreads function for Python and C++.

RF-3892 C++ API, Python API - New Python and C++ functions to access all the scene simulation options. (150 functions)

RF-3896 Filter daemon - New "Reset Age" parameter for Filter daemon.

RF-3905 Retimer - Hybrido secondary emitters support for RPC files as source of interpolation for retimer.

RF-3931 C++ API, Python API - New getGeometryFilePath() function for MultiBodies in Python and C++.

RF-3932 C++ API, Python API - New isAlembic() function for Objects and MultiBodies in Python and C++.

RF-3933 Alembic, Python API - New experimental Python functions setAlembicOffset(), setAlembicSpeed() and setAlembicAnimationType() for Objects and MultiBodies.

RF-3937 Particle Skinner - Vertices that don't have controlling particles keep their latest known position and are not moved to the (0,0,0) position.

RF-3942 Dyverso emitters - When using the volume mode the speed parameter is used.

RF-3955 Alembic - Export the mesh weights channels to alembic.

RF-3957 Retimer - Possibility to use Alembic files as input and output for retiming of standard fluids.


RF-146 Object emitter, XML import/export  - Object Emitter in vertex or faces mode does not export the selection

RF-156 General - Maximum number of threads is 128

RF-157 General - BDC files are not interchangeable between machines with different endianness.

RF-158 General - FLW files are not interchangeable between machines with different endianness.

RF-160 General - Scene Animation.SD doesn't hold new objects created during the simulation.

RF-300 Hybrido fluids - Proxy files cannot be exported with the GridDomain on cache mode

RF-333 XML import/export - Initial State for objects cannot be reused when exporting scene as XML because it is embedded into the .FLW file.

RF-514 Caronte - Interaction with planes is not good

RF-562 Grid splash & Foam, Grid wet & Foam - Mist can't be created for Splash&Foam and Wet&Foam nodes.

RF-1330 Commands - Commands organizer should accept graphs

RF-1568 Caronte integration, Hybrido - A node of type HY_Domain in cache mode doesn't affect neither rigid nor soft body objects.

RF-1574 C++ SDK - The maxwell related SDK functions that are now available in Python are not available in C++.

RF-1735 Maxwell Integration - RealFlow crashes during Maxwell voxelization when memory is exceeded

RF-1988 Graphs - FieldSave node cannot save several fields inside a single file. Unlike FieldRealLoad.

RF-2169 FLW read/write, User interface - The options to hide/show the nodes of the scene from the menu "View->Show" are not saved with the project.

RF-2170 FLW read/write, User interface - The option "Selection Highligthing" from the menu "View->Show" is not saved with the project.

RF-3328 XML import/export - Text geometry cannot be exported on XML.

RF-3810 Color plane daemon - Color Plane daemon doesn't have any resources in the "Export" tab.

Fixed Bugs

RF-1694 Alembic - "Normal facing" value is not applied for an imported animation objects in Alembic format.

RF-2534 Dyverso, Linear emitter - The Length parameter for the linear emitter doesn't work properly

RF-3249 User interface - Display particles as spheres isn¥t working on orthographic views

RF-3548 Camera - Undo of moving a camera in the viewport sets the camera transformation in an undefined state.

RF-3618 Hybrido - When using HYBRIDO for scenes where the geometry is huge RealFlow might crash because reaching the limits of the maximum allowed number of cells for the friction field.

RF-3619 Maxwell Integration - Display performance of MXS referenced scenes containing many objects (hundreds) is really slow.

RF-3622 Maxwell Integration - Render dialog output filename should preserve the references to scene variables like SCENEDIR.

RF-3624 Dyverso, Vortex daemon - The paremeter "Bounded" seems to be not working with DYVERSO fluids.

RF-3633 Dyverso, Vortex daemon - The transformation of the daemon is ignored. The force is always computed as if the daemon was positioned at (0,0,0).

RF-3634 Alembic, Graphs - It is not possible to apply a displacement in a graph to an Alembic mesh read with MeshLoad graph node.

RF-3635 Hybrido mesh integration - The parameter UVW Mapping Top projection average is not working for Hybrido Mesher when the Hybrido domain is in Sparse mode.

RF-3636 Curve Editor - It is not possible to open the curve of two parameters when one is partially the name of the other. For instance: "@ Speed" and "@ Speed variation"

RF-3637 Parameters manipulation - Locked parameters do not work properly with Spline nodes.

RF-3638 Node parameters window - Selecting a parameter of certain panels does not deselect the current selected parameter in a different panel.

RF-3665 User interface, XML import/export - Members of a group nested inside another group do not have buttons on the right side of the scene nodes list, when imported from XML.

RF-3669 Grid Foam - 'Create foam particles from image' crashes very often. At least under Mac OS X.

RF-3670 Alembic, XML import/export - Objects imported from Alembic files are not properly exported on XML.

RF-3690 C++ SDK, Graphs, Python SDK - scene.message() function in Python and C++ does not work properly and may crash when the % character is included in the string.

RF-3693 Particle mesh (Renderkit) integration, Particle VDB Mesh - RealFlow crashes when trying to display the vorticity channel with a ParticleMesh or ParticleMesh_VDB node.

RF-3713 C++ SDK, Python SDK - The SDK functions "getNeighbors()" and "testPositionForParticleInsertion()" assume that the incoming position is given according to the current axis setup, which is wrong.

RF-3715 Stitcher - Stitcher crashes on command line when stitching mesh files.

RF-3721 Stitcher - Stitcher crashes when all input frames are ignored. This usually happens with frame number 0 of RealFlow meshes.

RF-3724 Hybrido - RealFlow crashes when the Property to display for a Hybrido Domain node is "Splash/Foam emission" and the "Display type" is "Arrow".

RF-3737 Dyverso emitters, XML import/export - Dyverso emitter parameter curves are not exported in XML files.

RF-3741 Alembic, Graphs - ParticleLoad graph node does not work with Alembic files from Dyverso simulations.

RF-3752 Node cloning - "Show icon" parameter is not preserved when duplicating a daemon.

RF-3755 Multibody, OpengGL general visualization - If isosurface is displayed for a MultiBody, object wireframes are shaded as well.

RF-3756 Multibody - Isosurface preview for multibodies may not be created with the proper default parameters if none of the Volume parameters has changed.

RF-3761 Dyverso, Python API - Dyverso fluid explodes when removing particles with Python in a totally different region of the fluid. (See attached scene)

RF-3762 Crown daemon, Dyverso - Crown daemon force is applied again when the simulation is resumed for Dyverso fluids.

RF-3764 Alembic I/O - RealFlow crashes in many cases when trying to write an Alembic file in a non-writable location.

RF-3771 Texture-based parameters - Parameter texture form let's the user type minimum and maximum values that are bigger than the actual parameter limits.

RF-3779 Hybrido fluids - Bounded and position force based daemons are not affecting lonely particles when the option "Track Lonely Particles" is active in the HY_Domain node.

RF-3783 Graphs - StringWriteToFilePath graph node is evaluated several times if more than one output is connected, and appends a garbage character at the end.

RF-3784 Parameters manipulation - Clicking on the viewport while editing a text parameter changes scene selection and does not commit its new value.

RF-3785 Parameters manipulation - Clicking the Esc key during a text parameter edition does not cancel it.

RF-3786 Parameters manipulation - Pressing return key while editing a text parameter applies its new value but does not finish the edition.

RF-3787 Hybrido secondaries - "Time Scale" option is not working with Hybrido secondary emitters.

RF-3789 Dyverso emitters - Emission is not correct because "Time Scale" parameter is not considered.

RF-3794 Hybrido - Initial state is not loaded and not used when the scene is loaded and the time line is positioned at the beginning of the simulation.

RF-3795 Dyverso - Initial state is not loaded and not used when the scene is loaded and the time line is positioned at the beginning of the simulation.

RF-3799 Node cloning - Local/Global axis transform mode is not copied when a node is cloned.

RF-3800 Graphs - GetNodeBoundingBox graph node does not work with Dyverso domains.

RF-3809 Spline emitter - Spline Emitter does not duplicate its curves.

RF-3811 Preferences - If preferences dialog is opened and accepted, FPS preferences value is set to the current scene FPS.

RF-3812 DSpline daemon - Displaying the indexes of DSpline control points changes their circle colours to yellow.

RF-3813 Hybrido - Duplicating a Hybrido emitter does not duplicate properly its velocity parameters.

RF-3814 Parameters manipulation - Trying to remove a gradient parameter color knot removes the selected RealFlow nodes instead.

RF-3815 Parameters manipulation - Trying to remove a spline parameter control point removes the selected RealFlow nodes instead.

RF-3816 Parameters manipulation - Trying to remove a VDB volume filter from a mesh removes the selected RealFlow nodes instead.

RF-3819 Dyverso emitters, Spline emitter - Spline emitter should not emit particles where CP Velocity is 0.0

RF-3823 Undo/redo - Sometimes undoing a transformation of a node resets its value to the default instead of the previous one. Especially for cloned or just loaded nodes.

RF-3826 Objects - When loading a scene, there is no error message when the texture of an object is missing.

RF-3827 Camera - Creating a camera when another one is already active copies all the parameters except the resolution.

RF-3828 Hybrido - There are gaps with no particles if more than one emitter is used and they have intersecting volumes.

RF-3830 Maxwell Integration - Rendered geometry may appear corrupted if motion blur and MXS export are enabled at render time.

RF-3831 Maxwell Integration - Meshes may display artifacts during render if motion blur is enabled and recalculate normals is disabled for them.

RF-3833 Maxwell Integration - On Render dialog, enabling the channels Object ID, Position, Roughness, Frensel, UV and Reflectance do not enable their format parameter.

RF-3838 General - Loading a scene with a screen texture assigned does not enable the Show Screen Texture option on open.

RF-3839 Alembic - RealFlow crashes randomly when simulating in GUI and in the scene there are some objects from alembic files.

RF-3840 Projects window - It is possible to drop a RealFlow file or XML file on the viewport while projects dialog is open.

RF-3843 Crown daemon - The value of the parameter "Simulation" is not applied for the Crown Daemon when the scene is loaded for the first time.

RF-3848 General - Grid UV placeholder image path is not properly set on Mac version.

RF-3852 Copy transformations utility - Copy transformations does not propagate the transformation to the parented nodes if the parent has been modified.

RF-3856 OpengGL general visualization - Renaming a camera while it is being used in a viewport does not update the viewport camera caption name.

RF-3860 Command Line Version - RealFlow crashes when running in console mode in Windows when the window is closed.

RF-3864 Export Central - Clean option does not work on some Export Central entries like preview frames or Maxwell scene files.

RF-3866 Dyverso, gpu - RealFlow crashes when a project using GPU-CUDA is simulated in hardware where the minimum requirements for using GPU-CUDA are not met.

RF-3881 Grid splash, Node cloning - Cloning a splash node does not update the box of the new splash.

RF-3894 General - Reset to Initial State and Simulate in command line flags remain enabled after creating a new scene.

RF-3898 Create array utility - Create Array tool has different results when creating regular objects and multibodies.

RF-3899 Dyverso, Standard - Particles Emitter - Frame 0 is not loaded when a standard or dyverso node is in cache mode.

RF-3900 Command Line Version - A simulation that has been previously locked may appear locked in command line render messages.

RF-3901 General - VDB meshes info is missing in Scene Info section.

RF-3902 RealWave Crest splash - RealWave Crest Splash node is using the generic RealWave icon instead of its specific one.

RF-3904 FLW read/write - RealFlow crashes when a scene is loaded where an object from a SD file imported as MultiBody was set to be a soft body.

RF-3910 Copy transformations utility - Copy Transformations does not work with RealWave as target.

RF-3911 Export Central - Export MXS and Arnold files state is not reset when a new scene is created.

RF-3914 Alembic, Multibody - When a multibody with animation is created from an alembic file the frame loaded is always the starting frame even though in the time line we are in a different frame.

RF-3915 Node cloning - Cloning a MultiBody node does not duplicate Maxwell material shininess and roughness parameters.

RF-3916 Node cloning - Render related parameters are not duplicated when cloning a Hybrido Domain.

RF-3917 Node cloning - Render related parameters are not duplicated when cloning a Dyverso Domain.

RF-3918 Node cloning - Cloning a Standard Emitter node does not duplicate Maxwell material shininess and roughness parameters.

RF-3919 Node cloning - Render related parameters are not duplicated when cloning a Hybrido Secondary Emitter.

RF-3920 Import objects - When a project is being loaded and an OBJ object is missing, the displayed path is not the original path where the file should be found.

RF-3921 General - It is possible to trigger RealFlow shortcuts during RealFlow initialization.

RF-3922 Alembic - RealFlow crashes when using alembic files where topology is changing. Only when the number of vertices decreases over time.

RF-3923 Fill object emitter, Standard - Particles Emitter - Particles from a Fill Object standard emitter can't be selected.

RF-3924 Alembic, Undo/redo - Undo/Redo actions for transformations are broken for objects imported from alembic files when they have been converted from "File" to "Curve".

RF-3925 Daemons Falloff, Node cloning - Daemons with the "Keep falloff parented" parameter disabled are not cloned properly.

RF-3928 Dyverso, Maxwell Integration - Dyverso particle UVs are not being taken into account when rendering with Maxwell.

RF-3929 Node parameters window - Texture Gizmo panel appears in the Display section instead of Daemon.

RF-3935 Python API - Accessing Dyverso particles through Python may result in memory leaks.

RF-3943 Graphs - ParticleFilterByVolume graph node always crashes RealFlow.

RF-3946 Spreadsheets - Spreadsheet crashes very often on opening for MultiBodies.

RF-3947 Alembic - Alembic files from Cinema 4D are not creating the right geometry and transformations.

RF-3950 Maxwell Integration, Multibody - For Maxwell Render, MultiBody nodes are generating as many identical materials as objects they contain.

RF-3952 Camera - Saving a scene when an orthographic view is enabled corrupts the default perspective position.

RF-3954 Camera - A parented camera where the target is set to follow an object is not keeping the target when the parent is transformed.

RF-3958 Retimer - Retimer for Dyverso fluids only interpolates position and velocity. The rest of the channels are empty.

RF-3959 Maxwell Integration - Maxwell Fast Preview crashes if HDR environment file is not found.

Known Bugs

RF-280 Particle-based fluids - "Thin face test" is not working.

RF-309 Import objects - Flat planes imported as .SD from a 3D application have collision distance equal to zero

RF-359 Caronte integration - Caronte simulations aren't deterministic unless RF gets reopen every time

RF-364 Caronte integration - Conflict on 'Create Initial State' among .bdc and

RF-377 Caronte integration - Changes on scale scene with rigids have issues if not done on reset

RF-445 Commands - RF crashes at shutdown when the file for a command plugin is removed from the plugins folder and that command plugin was previously loaded into RF using the commands organizer, only happen when a scene is loaded before closing.

RF-452 RealWave - RealWave waterline of objects is not correctly computed with choppy Statistical Spectrum waves.

RF-455 Animation curves - Realflow doesn't work with negatives frames properly.

RF-458 General - Object name must be removed from Multjoints if the object is changed to dynamics NO.

RF-460 General - Minimized windows don't update when the same viewport is reopened.

RF-474 General - BDC files are overwriting when simulating with the objects in cache mode

RF-485 General - Objects with an Initial State created are reseted to initial state even they are Inactive

RF-524 Multibody - SD scene update does not seem to work with Multibodies

RF-625 Multijoint - Create/Recreate button removes joints for all MJ nodes, to create the new joints for the actual Multijoint node.

RF-638 Caronte integration - Remove object from the Objects A, B or C lists of servos and joints when it stops being of the appropriated type

RF-679 MultiServos - Multiservo linear doesn't work properly with the Free Z parameter to Yes.

RF-680 Particle-based fluids - Max particles in Splash emitter doesn¥t have any effect

RF-720 SD read/write - Including an object to collision with sph particles in the middle of the simulation changes its original position. There is not any Dynamic object.

RF-833 Caronte integration - Dynamics objects, if they are cached, should be read the BDC information before re-writing the BDC file again

RF-838 Retimer - When only the scene is being exported, the default settings of the retimer exclude them of the result.

RF-842 Python API - Object "getVelocity" function is giving wrong results.

RF-847 Curve Editor - Expressions with references are not updated when the related parameter changes and is not animated.

RF-852 General - A daemon can be parent to with a RigidBody but not with a SoftBody.

RF-853 Caronte - Imported animated objects to use them as softbodies, can't be set with an initial speed.

RF-855 RealWave - Kvolume kills all particles for the realwave with the particle layer activated.

RF-858 Caronte - All parameters of servos need recreation of servo after edition

RF-859 Caronte - Editing target of servo after some simulation makes Reaction time and Overreaction delta values to fail

RF-866 Binary loader emitter, Retimer - Retimer should work with unsimulated binary loaders.

RF-874 Python SDK - scene.stopSimulation() doesn't work if simulation is started from a Batch Script

RF-876 Particle mesh (Standard) - UV in md meshes is not working properly

RF-895 MultiServos - Name of some parameters in servos panel must be changed.

RF-899 Simulation Flow architecture - Particles created at the same frame (or last substep) cannot be removed from "Simulation Flow".

RF-913 Circle emitter - V and H random is not working if an emitter is set as volume

RF-918 K age daemon - k Age daemon should accept float values for better precision.

RF-919 Fibers emitter - Fibers emitter should have a seed # to be deterministic.

RF-925 RealWave - Objects are not affecting to the RW as custom object if the sd has orientation's transformation.

RF-950 Caronte - joints plasticity acquired rate param not used

RF-953 Caronte integration - Pannel values of axial vectors (like angular velocity) are wrongly interpreted when using right-handed axes systems.

RF-954 Caronte integration - Joints behaviour is lost when loading a simulation. Also, loading the simulation is too slow.

RF-959 SD read/write - Changing the topology for a SD from a 3D program and doing reset, the object dissapear in RealFlow.

RF-969 Animation curves - We can add keys for an imported SD even though the SD<>Curve is not enabled.

RF-977 Caronte - Simulating by command line don't set the values for the Characteristic Distance properly.

RF-981 User interface - Statistic Panel not showing Existent/Emitted info on HY-SPH elements

RF-984 Caronte - Apply force factor fracture is not working properly cause the object is fully broken when simulating.

RF-989 SD read/write - Animation SD and BDC are not read properly when a dynamic object is in Cache mode.

RF-993 Caronte - Characteristic distance is not properly updated when simulating by command line.

RF-994 SD read/write - Exporting the animation.SD for an dynamic object, is overwritten even though it is in Cache mode.

RF-996 Caronte - Simulating by command line, the break condition is not working properly.

RF-1016 RealWave - RealWave Displacement texture dimensions parameter

RF-1019 Maxwell Integration - Maxwell takes long time to update the view when there is just one viewport working on Windows.

RF-1046 Fractures - External transition decay should be Internal transition decay for the Internal group inside fracture by radial parameters.

RF-1047 Fractures - The twist parameter should accept negative values [-1, 1]. Now it is only accepting positive values. Fractures by radial

RF-1060 Caronte - Changing the values for Elasticity and Friction to 1.0 produces a slow simulation, but faster if we stop the simulation and resimulate.

RF-1061 Caronte - Unlimited Force for joints doesn't mean unlimited force. Name should be changed.

RF-1070 File export - RealFlow crashes in command line when there is no HDD space

RF-1076 Relationship Editor - When uncollapsing a Group in the Relationship Editor, the text label of its members appears in a wrong place, especially the first time.

RF-1079 General - Email notification hangs RealFlow when running on GUI

RF-1080 RealWave - Imported objects as Realwave "Custom", are not affected by other objects if the position and rotation for the RealWave is different to 0,0,0

RF-1082 Video preview - Viewport behind previous window is updating when making a video preview.

RF-1089 Movie Player window - RealFlow is crashing when cancelling to create a video from movie player.

RF-1095 Maxwell Integration - Maxwell is not picking up the meshes that are displayed using the "DisplayMesh" simulation graph nodes.

RF-1112 Caronte integration - Fracture tool voronoi uniform is using "extrussion effect" unexpectedly.

RF-1119 SD read/write - Multibodies doesn't update with Update SD option.

RF-1121 Grid splash & Foam, Grid wet & Foam - The exported sequence is not divided into two sequences, one for "_splash", "_wet" and the other "_foam."

RF-1141 C++ SDK, Python SDK, Simulation Graph - Removing a standard emitter node during simulation (via scripting or graph) crashes RealFlow.

RF-1145 Simulation Graph - Exploding a Compound might put the nodes inside mixed with the existing ones at the current level. At least those nodes should remain selected for their repositioning.

RF-1158 XML import/export - Importing a RealWave via XML on a scene that already has one doesn¥t work as expected when overwriting

RF-1159 Caronte - Changing the normals to reversed for dynamics objects is working bad when selecting active or passive

RF-1188 Fractures - Fracture tool radial is not working properly.

RF-1189 Fractures - Fracture by points is not working properly.

RF-1211 Retimer - Sometimes RealFlow crashes when clicking on the Input/Output section of the retimer if the scene file export is enabled on Export Central.

RF-1245 Graphs - Graph Notes alpha is reset to strange values when changing background colors

RF-1308 General - Command line simulation doesn't print an error when an object is missing

RF-1310 OpengGL general visualization - VBO active in ATI graphic cards changes the viewport background color

RF-1322 Hybrido - Use cache for Displacement will make crash RealFlow

RF-1332 Command Line Version, User interface - RealFlow is crashing when creating a folder and it can't be created.

RF-1344 RealWave - RealWave custom wave collision testing is wrong.

RF-1346 Import objects - OBJ import uses LW axis setup

RF-1373 Hybrido fluids - Friction texture in the HyFLIP solver is not working when the volume mode of the object is "Shell".

RF-1404 Hybrido mesh algorithm - The attenuation of the displacement based on the splashity is not working well.

RF-1428 Command Line Version, Fill object emitter - Fill Object not working on command line

RF-1443 RealWave, RealWave Object splash - Connecting from Object Splash to RealWave will make crash RealFlow.

RF-1503 File export - .obj export of capsule -> normals are all 0 or -nan (not a number)

RF-1525 Export Central, Job Manager - Disabling RFS from Export Central sends the FLW to the Job Manager instead of a script. There should be no checkbox.

RF-1535 Maxwell Integration - FIRE is slower with 20% quality than with 100%

RF-1573 Hybrido mesh intergration - Use of Hybrido Mesh with SPH emitters doesn't work if the SPH emitters are in Cache mode and the -mesh flag is used

RF-1579 Graphs - Graph nodes that write to file should have some control over the buffersize.

RF-1621 Graphs, Hybrido, RealWave - Ocean Statistical Spectrum "Time scale" out of sync

RF-1622 Graphs, Hybrido, RealWave - Ocean Statistical Spectrum "Vertical scale" out of sync

RF-1647 Graphs - Graphs including the ConditionIf node might lead to an infinite loop when connecting something to it.

RF-1655 Hybrido mesh algorithm - Splash attenuation creates noise patterns

RF-1656 Graphs - Numeric pins with passthroughs don't clean properly their old stored data.

RF-1661 Graphs - Floor and Ceil math nodes should allow the passthrough of their inputs.

RF-1665 Graphs - Most arithmetic operations with data of Color4 type return unexpected values for the alpha component.

RF-1666 OpengGL general visualization - OS X viewport font looks misaligned.

RF-1670 Graphs - Graphs Messages window does not show messages belonging to child compounds.

RF-1687 Graphs - SetImageChannel node doesn't seem to work properly if the 'image channel' source has more than 1 channel.

RF-1688 Batch script - Clicking on the right column of the script editor autocompletion popup does not open the help for that function.

RF-1689 Graphs, Node parameters window - SetNodeParameter graph node should refresh the parameter list.

RF-1711 General - RF cannot be executed when installed in a folder with blanks

RF-1722 Movie Player window - Movie Player won't open files with padding lower than the number of frames.

RF-1740 Grid Foam - Foam particles are behaving wrong under some circumstances, it seems to be when the core fluid simulation is very thin.

RF-1747 Graphs - Clicking on Evaluate Node or Evaluate Pin instead of running a graph does not work properly if there are GetParticles nodes.

RF-1757 Camera - Modifying a camera view directly on the viewport does not set the scene as modified.

RF-1758 Camera - Modifying a camera view with the viewport should be undoable.

RF-1760 Graphs - MeshClip nodes seem to corrupt the mesh UV values.

RF-1769 RealWave - Realwave interaction with objects is wrong when chopinness is activated

RF-1789 Maxwell Integration - Weird slow start of rendering

RF-1791 File export, IDOC - Hybrido Domain does not recognize the $(IDOC) macro for exporting/importing data.

RF-1794 Maxwell Integration - Maxwell window has nothing inside at the time of its creation.

RF-1868 SD read/write - RealFlow is not able to update the sd if we lost the network conection.

RF-1885 Graphs - RealFlow crashes when the graph node "MeshDisplaceFromImage" is using an "uv" map where one of the components is 1.

RF-1886 Alembic, Graphs - ParticleLoad graph node does not load properly Alembic files that come from a standard emitter simulation.

RF-1905 Built-in objects - Capsule object is not symmetrical

RF-1909 K sphere daemon, K volume daemon - Fit to Object doesn't allow to choose emitters as objects for some K daemons

RF-1984 Drag force daemon - Force Limit parameter for Drag Daemon is not working

RF-1987 Graphs - Field3D files generated during a Hybrido Domain simulation cannot be loaded with a FieldRealLoad graph node.

RF-1996 Multibody - Updating a SD loaded as multibody hangs the machine

RF-1998 Maxwell Integration - use default material if path is invalid (coming from windows i.e.)

RF-2013 General - File Name Prefix, from File Name Options is missing from graphs.

RF-2021 Python API - activeExportData and isExportDataActive functions are missing for some node types like waterline

RF-2022 Shelves Manager - Up and down keyboard arrows do not let you move along the content of the shelves/commands list in the Shelves Manager. (Mac OS X)

RF-2034 Simulation Flow window - Script files on Simulation Flow don't show any error when the file is missing.

RF-2158 Graphs, Simulation Flow window - Simulation Flow Graphs should save the viewport geometry.

RF-2168 Relationship Editor - Multjoints shouldn't be linked with no nodes in the RelationShip Editor

RF-2173 Hybrido mesh intergration - Hybrido meshes are not exported properly to ABC when using use displacement

RF-2183 Movie Player window - RealFlow is crashing if we cancel "save video" in the movie player.

RF-2187 XML import/export - Saving xml backups shows messages "Error trying to get parameter: xxx"

RF-2210 Movie Player window - Movie Player crashes exporting video if some of the frames has a different size.

RF-2229 User interface - Viewport is doing something weird when manipulating the view.

RF-2231 File export - and bdc for imported geometry as Multibody or ABC multibody are not saved by command line.

RF-2236 Python SDK - Calling scene.exportCurrentFrame() during simulation freezes RealFlow.

RF-2237 User interface - Display Slice Plane for geometries is painting geometry subdivisions.

RF-2255 Relationship Editor - Relationship Editor groups self-connection threshold is too sensitive.

RF-2285 Grid splash - Max particles for secondary splash emitter is not working

RF-2304 Python Editing, Shelves - Dragging a piece of Python code from a Script Editor to a shelf removes the code from the editor. It can be brought back with CTRL+Z

RF-2305 Python Editing - Python Find dialog remains behind the script editor when it is modal.

RF-2375 Arnold Integration - particle meshes don't have correct uv's

RF-2398 Multijoint - Adding Multibodies to Multijoints and checking the Disable collisions by pairs parameter makes that the objects are dessapearing of the objects list.

RF-2431 3D platform plug-ins - Preview with Maxwell by command line is not rendering the obj files.

RF-2435 Commands - Command line options should be exported in the xml

RF-2457 OpengGL general visualization - Exported OpenGL viewport images during simulation are might show a frame offset.

RF-2481 Alternative paths - Creating a new scene does not clear the current state of alternative paths.

RF-2549 Caronte - A simple caronte simulation with quality set to 100 results in weird rotation values for the objects.

RF-2552 File export - OpenVDB files written by RealFlow seem to have the "n_x" and "n_z" metadata values flipped.

RF-2554 General - RealFlow crashes on a japanese Mac OS X environment on launch.

RF-2645 Licensing - After a clean installation of RealFlow the licensing error dialog box is shown. In this case this dialog box should be omitted and the licensing wizard should be shown instead.

RF-2674 Import objects - When an object is missing while loading a RealFlow file, the import message title is "Import Scene" instead of "Import Object".

RF-2691 Simulation pipeline - An animated object converted to Active rigid body, won't reset the geometry properly.

RF-2703 Command Line Version - The first frame of the range specified for a simulation using the command line is not writing out the first frame in the range unless the starting frame is 0.

RF-2723 Graphs - When a compound pin is removed, its Compound Interface node should be removed if it becomes empty.

RF-2748 Hybrido, OpengGL general visualization - Vorticity is not painted properly on Hybrido particles in viewport.

RF-2757 Fibers emitter - Reset to initial state for Fibers doesn't work properly

RF-2758 Fibers emitter - Fibers is not working fine when moving the timeline and we resimulate again

RF-2762 Ocean Force daemon - Ocean Force Field daemon is not working in Lock mode

RF-2810 Import objects - The actual frame is updated when importing geometry with Import... option.

RF-2832 OpengGL general visualization - Displaying the "normal" in a Hybrido Domain does not show any meaningful data in the viewport.

RF-2849 Movie Player window - Movie Player crashes if closed during video export.

RF-2853 Graphs - Renaming a node does not rename its occurrences in graphs.

RF-2873 Movie Player window - Movie Player should grab all the user interaction during Video export.

RF-2895 Fibers emitter - Max Particles parameter won't affect Fibers.

RF-2899 Multibody - Multibodies are imported in its original scale even if the global scale is modified before loading.

RF-2904 Ocean Force daemon - Bounding box for Ocean Force Field daemon can't be scaled directly in the viewport.

RF-2917 Camera, Video preview - Camera FOV for scene cameras is not properly calculated if "Same as viewport" is selected in preview preferences.

RF-2925 Import objects - Import SD will import sd object with an empty name if there is already a Multibody with the same name in the scene

RF-2935 Fractures - Fracture Tool - Voronoi Uniform doesn't work correctly (OS X)

RF-2936 Fractures - Phong shading is wrong with all fracture tools

RF-3013 Multibody - Initial States are not working properly for Multibodies

RF-3051 mesher - InOut clipping parameter as Outside for any mesher doesn't be working correctly.

RF-3066 Alembic, Objects - Alembic files remain open even after removing their objects.

RF-3077 Alembic - Update SD scene will crash RealFlow if there was an Alembic in the scene and even though it has been removed.

RF-3096 File export, Grid bubbles & Foam - RealFlow is crashing when writing rpc for bubbles and there is not space to save to disk.

RF-3176 Spline emitter - Copy spline from a text is getting the scale font and not the last transformation we did for the spline

RF-3178 Relationship Editor  - When there are two RelationShip Editor layouts, the icons are not affecting the local RSE layout but the first one.

RF-3203 User interface - Dragging + ALT, from Single View titled toward viewport will rotate the point of view for the viewport

RF-3349 Dyverso - Dyverso has a bad behaviour when we try to stop the simulation and start it again in Lock mode.

RF-3360 Maxwell Integration - Global Intensity in Maxwell Settings mustn't affect to IBL illumination.

RF-3373 Grid displacement - Some displacement algorithm parameter values generate wrong displacement values.

RF-3374 Relationship Editor, XML import/export - Links from nodes inside groups are not properly recreated (visually) when importing an XML scene file.

RF-3380 Grid Foam, Hybrido - RealFlow is crashing when simulating foam by command line and there is not space to save data.

RF-3430 Object emitter - When emitting by texture in an object emitter, particles emitted at gray pixels of the texture may be created over other recently created particles at the same position.

RF-3457 Maxwell Integration - Render crashes RealFlow on Windows if a material extension is missing.

RF-3518 Graphs, Grid mist - It is not possible to paint geometry (or points) from a graph in OpenGL viewport inside the bounding box of a Mist node.

RF-3553 Node cloning - Group cloning should preserve nodes hierarchy instead of creating the new nodes at top level and ignoring groups.

RF-3623 Dyverso - Automatic Minimum and Maximum Speed values are not properly computed for Dyverso when reading frames with 0 particles.

RF-3658 Dyverso, K collision daemon - Split on collision, in the KCollision daemon, is not working for Dyverso particles. All particles are removed instead splitting.

RF-3663 Undo/redo - Importing the attached XML, removing all the nodes, and clearing the Undo/redo stack crashes RealFlow.

RF-3740 Relationship Editor - Relationship Editor performance is very poor when moving a group with a very high amount of children.

RF-3803 Animation curves - Next keyframe or Previous keyframe only keep into account the transformation keys.

RF-3804 Curve Editor - If we have applied a key for a parameter and the parameter doesn't change its value, the Fit View in the Curve Editor won't work.

RF-3908 Simulation Flow window - When inspecting a graph compound in Simulation Flow, the current level is not saved the next time the graph is selected.

RF-3909 Graphs, Undo/redo - Trying to undo a graph command after the graph has been removed crashes RealFlow.