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System Requirements

Operating system: Windows
  • Windows 7 SP1

  • Windows 8

  • Windows 8.1

  • Windows 10

Operating system: Mac OS X
  • Mac OS X 10.9 and higher

Operating system: Linux:
  • 64 bits distribution with a 2.6 Kernel and glibc 2.12

  • csh (C-shell)

  • binutils

  • CPU 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor

  • 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB of RAM memory is highly recommended

Disk Space
  • 2 GB available hard disk space for installation

GPU Acceleration
  • CUDA 3.0

  • OpenCL 1.1

  • 32 KB minimum local memory size

  • 2 GB minimum VRAM (VRAM limits the size of simulations you can run on)

  • 3 button mouse

  • Hardware-accelerated OpenGL® graphics card

Features added

RF-3992 User interface - New 'Group Selected' option under the Edit menu.

RF-3993 Preferences - New preference setting to let the user duplicate links during clone.

RF-3994 Preferences - New preference setting to let the user duplicate the whole hierarchy during clone.

RF-3995 Node cloning - New 'Clone Selected Special...' option to duplicate nodes with extra parameterization.

RF-3997 Alembic - New Alembic parameter panel for objects and MultiBodies imported from an Alembic file.

RF-4001 Import objects, sd - New parameter for objects imported from a SD file that allows to offset the imported animation.

RF-4141 Dyverso - New Viscous material for Dyverso fluids.

RF-4142 Dyverso - New Viscoelastic material for Dyverso fluids.


RF-2832 OpengGL general visualization - Displaying the "normal" in a Hybrido Domain does not show any meaningful data in the viewport.

RF-2833 Node cloning - Possibility to clone Mesh nodes.

RF-3363 Playback - New "Allow faster than FPS playback" option in the Playback menu.

RF-3378 Node transformation - Possibility to change the Global or Local axis for several nodes at the same time.

RF-3392 User interface - New "Edit->Rename selected node" option.

RF-3393 User interface - New 'Edit->Copy selected node name' option.

RF-3803 Animation curves - Next keyframe and Previous keyframe buttons now keep into account also the selected parameter (red marks on timeline).

RF-3970 Hybrido mesh algorithm, Particle mesh (Renderkit) algorithm, Particle VDB Mesh - The clipping option has been improved in terms of speed and memory usage when using the "Clipping objects" parameter.

RF-3982 Video preview - Output video format is now MP4 instead of MOV for macOS.

RF-3985 Particle Skinner - Particle skinner support for domain nodes that are in cache mode.

RF-3988 Node cloning - Possibility to clone IDOC nodes.

RF-3989 Node cloning - Cloning a node now duplicates its export settings.

RF-3990 Node cloning - New nodes created after cloning use the cloned name as base, instead of the node type.

RF-4005 C++ API, Python API - New scene.setScreenTexture(), scene.getScreenTexture() and scene.showScreenTexture() functions for Python and C++.

RF-4006 Node parameters window, sd - New read-only parameters "SD first frame" and "SD last frame" for objects coming from SD indicating the frame range that was used to export the SD file.

RF-4008 Command Line Version - In command line mode, when an object used in the scene is missing (because the object's file can't be found) we should stop the simulation.

RF-4010 Dyverso emitters - New parameter "Fill mode" for Dyverso Fill Object emitter to create the particles in the solid or non solid object region.

RF-4012 Dyverso emitters - New parameter "Surface offset" for Dyverso Fill Object emitter.

RF-4018 Parameters manipulation - Object and MultiBody "@ color" parameter has been renamed to "Isosurface color" to avoid parameter name conflicts.

RF-4019 Parameters manipulation - Object "@ resolution" parameter has been renamed to "Texture resolution" to avoid parameter name conflicts.

RF-4020 Parameters manipulation - Object "Resolution" parameter has been renamed to "Internal resolution" to avoid parameter name conflicts.

RF-4021 Parameters manipulation - Object and MultiBody "@ shading" parameter has been renamed to "Isosurface shading" to avoid parameter name conflicts.

RF-4022 Parameters manipulation - Dyverso Domain "@ friction" parameter has been renamed to "Surface friction" to avoid parameter name conflicts.

RF-4023 Parameters manipulation - Splash and Wet based Hybrido secondary emitters "@ radius threshold" parameter has been renamed to "Secondary radius threshold" to avoid parameter name conflicts.

RF-4024 Parameters manipulation - Splash and Wet based Hybrido secondary emitters "@ bounce" parameter has been renamed to "Secondary bounce" to avoid parameter name conflicts.

RF-4025 Parameters manipulation - Force based daemons "@ position" parameter has been renamed to "Field box position" to avoid parameter name conflicts.

RF-4026 Parameters manipulation - Force based daemons "@ scale" parameter has been renamed to "Field box scale" to avoid parameter name conflicts.

RF-4029 Projects window - A badge is displayed in the projects manager Learn and Tutorials tabs when the tutorials section has been updated.

RF-4030 Crown daemon - Crown internal sheeter parameters are now editable.

RF-4038 Spline emitter - Thickness parameter for Dyverso Spline emitters.

RF-4039 Circle emitter - Circle emitter Ring Ratio parameter should be taken into consideration for volume emission.

RF-4051 Filter daemon - New "Keep source particles" parameter for Filter daemon.

RF-4052 filter - Possibility to use the "Emitter ID" attribute for Filter daemon when filtering a Dyverso domain.

RF-4053 Python SDK - Possibility to access sys.argv from Python.

RF-4068 General - New preference to decide which dialog to show when clicking on File->Save Project and File->Open Project (native or not).

RF-4069 Dyverso emitters, Spline emitter - New "Spline detail" parameter for Dyverso Spline emitter to set the number of intermediate points used when sampling the spline.

RF-4072 Spline emitter - New parameter "Avoid particle intersection" for Dyverso Spline emitter in axis mode.

RF-4074 Filter daemon - New randomness parameters for Filter daemon to add an extra condition for filtered particles.

RF-4077 Dyverso emitters - New Dyverso parameter to avoid creating particles inside solid regions.

RF-4087 SD read/write - Importing an SD file no longer modifies the timeline range.

RF-4089 Projects window - New "sort by last opened" option for recent projects in Projects dialog.

RF-4099 User interface - Embedded MultiBody nodes do not display anymore the green arrow in the icon, which represents a reference to an external file.

RF-4100 Demo Projects - New Dyverso cloth demo project.

RF-4101 Demo Projects - New Dyverso rigid crosses demo project.

RF-4112 Demo Projects - New Dyverso soft balls demo project.

RF-4148 Playback - Possibility to stop the timeline playback with the Escape key.

RF-4152 Demo Projects - New Dyverso Continuous Collision Detection demo.

RF-4153 Dyverso - New "Max neighbors" Dyverso simulation parameter to limit the number of neighbors for GPU simulations.

RF-4157 Demo Projects - New Dyverso viscous buckling demo project.

RF-4158 Demo Projects - New Dyverso elastic balloons demo project.

RF-4159 Demo Projects - New Dyverso Alembic fishes demo project.

RF-4160 Demo Projects - New Dyverso Particle Skinner octopus demo project.

RF-4161 Demo Projects - New Dyverso Spline bottle demo project.

RF-4162 Demo Projects - New Dyverso granular spider demo project.

RF-4163 Demo Projects - New Dyverso viscous chocolate and elastic demo project.

RF-4164 Projects window - New Basic Viscous template.


RF-146 Object emitter, XML import/export - Object Emitter in vertex or faces mode does not export the selection

RF-156 General - Maximum number of threads is 128

RF-157 General - BDC files are not interchangeable between machines with different endianness.

RF-158 General - FLW files are not interchangeable between machines with different endianness.

RF-160 General - Scene Animation.SD doesn't hold new objects created during the simulation.

RF-300 Hybrido fluids - Proxy files cannot be exported with the GridDomain on cache mode

RF-333 XML import/export - Initial State for objects cannot be reused when exporting scene as XML because it is embedded into the .FLW file.

RF-514 Caronte - Interaction with planes is not good

RF-562 Grid splash & Foam, Grid wet & Foam - Mist can't be created for Splash&Foam and Wet&Foam nodes.

RF-1330 Commands - Commands organizer should accept graphs

RF-1568 Caronte integration, Hybrido - A node of type HY_Domain in cache mode doesn't affect neither rigid nor soft body objects.

RF-1574 C++ SDK - The maxwell related SDK functions that are now available in Python are not available in C++.

RF-1735 Maxwell Integration - RealFlow crashes during Maxwell voxelization when memory is exceeded

RF-1988 Graphs - FieldSave node cannot save several fields inside a single file. Unlike FieldRealLoad.

RF-2169 FLW read/write, User interface - The options to hide/show the nodes of the scene from the menu "View->Show" are not saved with the project.

RF-2170 FLW read/write, User interface - The option "Selection Highligthing" from the menu "View->Show" is not saved with the project.

RF-3328 XML import/export - Text geometry cannot be exported on XML.

RF-4035 RealWave, Spreadsheets - There is no spreadsheet content for RealWave.

RF-4094 Alembic - Alembic cameras are only imported if there is some additional object in the same Alembic file.

RF-4108 Dyverso, Wetmaps - It is not possible to generate wetmaps of elastic and rigid Dyverso objects during simulation time.

Fixed bugs

RF-855 RealWave - Kvolume kills all particles for the realwave with the particle layer activated.

RF-1308 General - Command line simulation doesn't print an error when an object is missing

RF-1740 Grid Foam - Foam particles are behaving wrongly in some circumstances, it seems to be when the core fluid simulation is very thin.

RF-2229 User interface - Viewport is doing something weird when manipulating the view.

RF-2236 Python SDK - Calling scene.exportCurrentFrame() during simulation freezes RealFlow.

RF-2481 Alternative paths - Creating a new scene does not clear the current state of alternative paths.

RF-2512 Graphs - Density fields (fields with values in the range [0,1] and with a field background value of 0.0) can't be meshed with the graph node "FieldRealMesher".

RF-2849 Movie Player window - Movie Player crashes if closed during video export.

RF-2899 Multibody, RealWave, SD read/write - RealWave SD files are not imported properly as multibodies. They appear distorted (transformed twice)

RF-3052 DSpline daemon, Spline emitter - When Edit mode is enabled, the transformation gizmo of subobjects is not updated with the transformation of the owner.

RF-3178 Relationship Editor - When there are two Relationship Editor layouts, the icons are not affecting the selected editor, but the first one.

RF-3553 Node cloning - Group cloning should preserve nodes hierarchy instead of creating the new nodes at top level and ignoring groups.

RF-3908 Simulation Flow window - When inspecting a graph compound in Simulation Flow, the current level is not saved the next time the graph is selected.

RF-3909 Graphs, Undo/redo - Trying to undo a graph command after the graph has been removed crashes RealFlow.

RF-3961 Particle Skinner - When there is more than one object in the "Skin Objects" field and we remove one of them in the middle of the simulation (the skin objects have been moved) the initial state of the object that IS not removed is lost.

RF-3962 Dyverso, Filter daemon - RealFlow crashes randomly during simulation when there is a filter daemon on the scene connected to a dyverso domain and the viewport is manipulated (orbiting for example).

RF-3963 C++ SDK, Dyverso, Python SDK - Particles removed using the SDK (C++ or Python) at the "FramesPost" entry point in the "Simulation Flow" are not stored properly in the cached files.

RF-3964 OpengGL general visualization - There are some display issues with old graphics card, the manipulation handle is corrupted and the nodes information is not displayed.

RF-3965 "RPC I/O" - RPC files larger than 4GB are not loaded correctly.

RF-3966 OpenVDB meshes - The clipping option in the ParticleMesh_VDB node is clipping polygons that shouldn't be clipped. It depends on the value of the "Polygon Size" parameter.

RF-3967 User interface - Removing an animated SD object does not remove the yellow line in the timeline.

RF-3968 Particle Skinner - It doesn't work when the simulation is in "lock" mode.

RF-3969 Dyverso - Resuming a simulation on GPU right after changing the volume parameter inside emitters crashes RF.

RF-3971 Alembic - Objects imported from alembic files with vertices animation and parented are not properly transformed when the simulation is reset, specially when the parent object has been scaled.

RF-3972 File export - If a scene contains standard emitters with custom channel data and the option to embed standard particles is disabled on preferences, the scene might be corrupted on save time.

RF-3973 Dyverso - Dyverso stability issues using a filter daemon to move particles between linked domains

RF-3974 Hybrido mesh intergration, Particle mesh (Renderkit) integration - Optimize feature by curvature is not working at all. It is missing its parameters.

RF-3975 Dyverso emitters - RealFlow crashes when using a dyverso object if there is a selection of faces or vertices and we replace the emission object with another one having less number of faces or vertices.

RF-3977 Hybrido mesh intergration, Particle mesh (Renderkit) integration - Interactive meshing is not working when the optimize parameters are changed.

RF-3978 File export - OpenVDB files crash on write if path is not writable.

RF-3981 User interface - Deselecting nodes in node list does not update interface buttons related to selected nodes (like visibility or simulation status).

RF-3983 Projects window - Project date info is displayed in system language instead of english on Project Manger dialog.

RF-3984 Projects window - Default folder for duplicated demo projects is wrong. It should not be under the demo projects subfolder.

RF-3991 User interface - Save Incremental and Pack and Go options are enabled during simulation.

RF-3996 Command Line Version - A scene that has been eventually simulated in lock mode may appear as locked in command line -mesh mode.

RF-3999 Alembic, Multibody - Velocity of Alembic MultiBodies may not be properly computed.

RF-4000 Export Central - Global animation SD and BDC cache files path is not saved with the scene if there is not any standard object in it. MultiBodies are not enough.

RF-4007 Graphs - Evaluator order in graphs is not being preserved on load.

RF-4009 Graphs - Graph Interface order is not preserved on load.

RF-4013 Alembic I/O, RealWave - The ABC file exported from a realwave node when imported doesn't match the size of the original realwave. It is scaled.

RF-4014 Bitmap emitter, Dyverso - Affect parameter in Dyverso Bitmap Emitter does not make sense currently. (Removed from emitter)

RF-4015 Parameters manipulation - Parameter sliders display room for values above parameter maximum and below parameter minimum in many cases.

RF-4016 Job Node - RealFlowNode -info reports Windows 7 when run under Windows 8 or 10.

RF-4027 Dyverso emitters - 'Kill leaving' parameter in Dyverso Spline emitter does not make sense currently. (Removed)

RF-4032 Help system - Objects Soft Body panel help is broken.

RF-4034 RealWave - Scenes with a custom RealWave object are corrupted if "Include RealWave geometry in scene file" is disabled.

RF-4041 RealWave - RealWave control points setup is lost if "Include RealWave geometry in scene file" is disabled.

RF-4042 RealWave - RealWave control points setup is lost if "Include RealWave geometry in scene file" is disabled.

RF-4043 Pack and Go - Pack and Go dialog size is very small on opening (collapsed mode).

RF-4044 Shelves - Particle Selection tool shelf button state is not updated accordingly when selection changes.

RF-4045 Retimer - Trying to retime Dyverso RPC or ABC simulations crashes RealFlow.

RF-4046 Filter daemon - Filter daemon expression mode does not work with Dyverso.

RF-4047 Dyverso - Liquid simulation crashes with 'internal pressure'=0 and CUDA enabled

RF-4048 Dyverso - Several issues related to daemons adding particle data (sheeter, crown, magic) after a Dyverso GPU simulation has taken place.

RF-4049 Dyverso, Retimer - Dyverso retimed simulations do not interpolate the particle positions.

RF-4050 Filter daemon - Filter daemon is not transferring the Vorticity and Normal particle values to the target Dyverso domain.

RF-4059 Command Line Version - Linux return codes should not be hardcoded and return real status of commands

RF-4060 Parameters manipulation - Parameters of string type are set twice when edited.

RF-4066 Dyverso - Max particles parameter does not work for Dyverso.

RF-4067 General - When a scene has not been saved yet, "File->Save Project" and "File->Save Incremental" options show a different dialog.

RF-4075 Node cloning, Standard - Particles Emitter - Displayed Property and Automatic range parameters are not cloned for Standard emitters.

RF-4076 C++ API, Python API, XML import/export - scene.importFromXML() function crashes on command line mode.

RF-4078 Preferences - Preferences number of threads is not saved properly. New scenes may not use the number of threads set in preferences.

RF-4079 Objects - Velocity fields discontinuities caused by barycentric interpolation errors have been solved

RF-4080 Objects - Velocity fields were erroneously computed due to wrong coordinate transformation with VDBT fields

RF-4086 Dyverso - It is not possible to continue a Dyverso Rigid simulation if you change the current frame to a resimulated one. A gap is introduced between the objects and the Dyverso particles.

RF-4090 Surface tension daemon - Surface tension daemon does not request bbox update to Dyverso fluid resulting in posible malfunction

RF-4091 Alternative paths, Python SDK - Calling from Python or C++ may not update properly the folder where RealFlow cache files must be read from.

RF-4092 Text Geometry - Text object creation tool does not put the created objects below the Null object if "Parent to null" is selected.

RF-4093 Spline - Spline text and SVG tools do not put the created splines below the Null object if "Parent to null" is selected.

RF-4095 Filter daemon, Python API - Python filter.doFilter() function does not work for Dyverso.

RF-4097 Grid Bubbles, Grid Foam, IDOC - Foam per IDOC and Bubbles per IDOC actions do not set the newly created nodes as bounded.

RF-4098 Dyverso, Maxwell Integration - Maxwell FIRE is not updated when particles are created or removed in a DY_Domain node.

RF-4106 Multibody, Node cloning - Duplicating a MultiBody object messes up the Dyverso Sticky, Roughness and Interaction Factor values of the new node.

RF-4107 Dyverso - Animated Dyverso Domain parameters are not taken into account during simulation.

RF-4110 Particle Skinner - Imported objects from SD can't be controlled by a ParticleSkinner daemon unless the File<->Curve button is used, i.e. the transformation parameters must be unlocked.

RF-4117 XML import/export - Groups are exported twice on XML files.

RF-4118 Nodes tree - Reparenting nodes contained in groups sometimes leaves some of the nodes outside of its parent group. (Parented but not grouped)

RF-4119 Groups, Undo/redo - Undo/redo does not work properly when grouping a node two consecutive times.

RF-4120 Undo/redo - Sometimes Redo action is no longer available after an Undo action.

RF-4122 Spline emitter, Undo/redo - Some of the spline emitter control point animated parameters are not restored after undoing the removal of the control point.

RF-4125 Dyverso - Race conditions between gui / simulation threads cause arbitrary crashes if the user interacts with the viewport while simulating on gpu

RF-4127 C++ SDK, Dyverso, Python SDK - Calling to createVoxelization() function on an empty Dyverso Domain crashes RealFlow the second time the function is called.

RF-4129 Dyverso - Particles are not correctly transferred between domains when killer and filter daemons take action at the same step with gpu

RF-4133 Dyverso - Multiphase SPH Liquid simulations do not give correct results if gpu is enabled

RF-4139 Projects window - Dragging scroll bar handles in the Projects window does not work properly sometimes.

RF-4145 Graphs - Graph Mod node crashes if mod input value is 0.

RF-4149 Crown daemon, Standard - Particles Emitter - The behavior of the particles is quite different depending on the number of simulation steps.

RF-4151 DY Sphere emitter, Dyverso - The DY_Emitter of type sphere is creating particles when the option "Fill" is activated and the DY_Domain where particles are poured is of type "Elastic" or "Rigid". No particles should be created in this case.

Known bugs

RF-359 Caronte integration - Caronte simulations aren't deterministic unless RF gets reopen every time

RF-364 Caronte integration - Conflict on 'Create Initial State' among .bdc and

RF-377 Caronte integration - Changes on scale scene with rigids have issues if not done on reset

RF-445 Commands - RF crashes at shutdown when the file for a command plugin is removed from the plugins folder and that command plugin was previously loaded into RF using the commands organizer, only happen when a scene is loaded before closing.

RF-452 RealWave - RealWave waterline of objects is not correctly computed with choppy Statistical Spectrum waves.

RF-458 General - Object name must be removed from Multjoints if the object is changed to dynamics NO.

RF-474 General - BDC files are overwriting when simulating with the objects in cache mode

RF-485 General - Objects with an Initial State created are reseted to initial state even they are Inactive

RF-524 Multibody - SD scene update does not seem to work with Multibodies

RF-625 Multijoint - Create/Recreate button removes joints for all MJ nodes, to create the new joints for the actual Multijoint node.

RF-638 Caronte integration - Remove object from the Objects A, B or C lists of servos and joints when it stops being of the appropriated type

RF-679 MultiServos - Multiservo linear doesn't work properly with the Free Z parameter to Yes.

RF-680 Particle-based fluids - Max particles in Splash emitter doesn't have any effect

RF-720 SD read/write - Including an object to collision with sph particles in the middle of the simulation changes its original position. There is not any Dynamic object.

RF-833 Caronte integration - Dynamics objects, if they are cached, should be read the BDC information before re-writing the BDC file again

RF-838 Retimer - When only the scene is being exported, the default settings of the retimer exclude them of the result.

RF-847 Curve Editor - Expressions with references are not updated when the related parameter changes and is not animated.

RF-852 General - A daemon can be parent to with a RigidBody but not with a SoftBody.

RF-853 Caronte - Imported animated objects to use them as softbodies, can't be set with an initial speed.

RF-858 Caronte - All parameters of servos need recreation of servo after edition

RF-859 Caronte - Editing target of servo after some simulation makes Reaction time and Overreaction delta values to fail

RF-866 Binary loader emitter, Retimer - Retimer should work with unsimulated binary loaders.

RF-874 Python SDK - scene.stopSimulation() doesn't work if simulation is started from a Batch Script

RF-876 Particle mesh (Standard) - UV in md meshes is not working properly

RF-895 MultiServos - Name of some parameters in servos panel must be changed.

RF-899 Simulation Flow architecture - Particles created at the same frame (or last substep) cannot be removed from "Simulation Flow".

RF-918 K age daemon - k Age daemon should accept float values for better precision.

RF-919 Fibers emitter - Fibers emitter should have a seed # to be deterministic.

RF-925 RealWave - Objects are not affecting to the RW as custom object if the sd has orientation's transformation.

RF-950 Caronte - joints plasticity acquired rate param no used

RF-953 Caronte integration - Panel values of axial vectors (like angular velocity) are wrongly interpreted when using right-handed axes systems.

RF-954 Caronte integration - Joints behaviour is lost when loading a simulation. Also, loading the simulation is too slow.

RF-959 SD read/write - Changing the topology for a SD from a 3D program and doing reset, the object dissapear in RealFlow.

RF-969 Animation curves - We can add keys for an imported SD even though the SD<>Curve is not enabled.

RF-977 Caronte - Simulating by command line don't set the values for the Characteristic Distance properly.

RF-981 User interface - Statistic Panel not showing Existent/Emitted info on HY-SPH elements

RF-984 Caronte - Apply force factor fracture is not working properly cause the object is fully broken when simulating.

RF-989 SD read/write - Animation SD and BDC are not read properly when a dynamic object is in Cache mode.

RF-993 Caronte - Characteristic distance is not properly updated when simulating by command line.

RF-994 SD read/write - Exporting the animation.SD for an dynamic object, is overwritten even though it is in Cache mode.

RF-996 Caronte - Simulating by command line, the break condition is not working properly.

RF-1016 RealWave - RealWave Displacement texture dimensions parameter

RF-1019 Maxwell Integration - Maxwell takes long time to update the view when there is just one viewport working on Windows.

RF-1046 Fractures - External transition decay should be Internal transition decay for the Internal group inside fracture by radial parameters.

RF-1047 Fractures - The twist parameter should accept negative values [-1, 1]. Now it is only accepting positive values. Fractures by radial

RF-1060 Caronte - Changing the values for Elasticity and Friction to 1.0 produces a slow simulation, but faster if we stop the simulation and resimulate.

RF-1061 Caronte - Unlimited Force for joints doesn't mean unlimited force. Name should be changed.

RF-1070 File export - RealFlow crashes in command line when there is no HDD space

RF-1076 Relationship Editor - When uncollapsing a Group in the Relationship Editor, the text label of its members appears in a wrong place, especially the first time.

RF-1079 General - Email notification hangs RealFlow selected when running on GUI

RF-1080 RealWave - Imported objects as Realwave "Custom", are not affected by other objects if the position and rotation for the RealWave is different to 0,0,0

RF-1082 Video preview - Viewport behind previous window is updating when making a video preview.

RF-1089 Movie Player window - RealFlow is crashing when cancelling to create a video from movie player.

RF-1095 Maxwell Integration - Maxwell is not picking up the meshes that are displayed using the "DisplayMesh" simulation graph nodes.

RF-1112 Caronte integration - Fracture tool voronoi uniform is using "extrussion effect" unexpectedly.

RF-1121 Grid splash & Foam, Grid wet & Foam - The exported sequence is not divided into two sequences, one for "_splash", "_wet" and the other "_foam."

RF-1141 C++ SDK, Python SDK, Simulation Graph - Removing a standard emitter node during simulation (via scripting or graph) crashes RealFlow.

RF-1145 Simulation Graph - Exploding a Compound might put the nodes inside mixed with the existing ones at the current level. At least those nodes should remain selected for their repositioning.

RF-1158 XML import/export - Importing a RealWave via XML on a scene that already has one doesn¥t work as expected when overwriting

RF-1159 Caronte - Changing the normals to reversed for dynamics objects is working bad when selecting active or passive

RF-1188 Fractures - Fracture tool radial is not working properly.

RF-1189 Fractures - Fracture by points is not working properly.

RF-1211 Retimer - Sometimes RealFlow crashes when clicking on the Input/Output section of the retimer if the scene file export is enabled on Export Central.

RF-1245 Graphs - Graph Notes alpha is reset to strange values when changing background colors

RF-1310 OpengGL general visualization - VBO active in ATI graphic cards changes the viewport background color

RF-1322 Hybrido - Use cache for Displacement will make crash RealFlow

RF-1332 Command Line Version, User interface - RealFlow is crashing when creating a folder and it can't be created.

RF-1344 RealWave - RealWave custom wave collision testing is wrong.

RF-1346 Import objects - OBJ import uses LW axis setup

RF-1404 Hybrido mesh algorithm - The attenuation of the displacement based on the splashity is not working well.

RF-1443 RealWave, RealWave Object splash - Connecting from Object Splash to RealWave will make crash RealFlow.

RF-1525 Export Central, Job Manager - Disabling RFS from Export Central sends the FLW to the Job Manager instead of a script. There should be no checkbox.

RF-1535 Maxwell Integration - FIRE is slower with 20% quality than with 100%

RF-1579 Graphs - Graph nodes that write to file should have some control over the buffersize.

RF-1621 Graphs, Hybrido, RealWave - Ocean Statistical Spectrum "Time scale" out of sync

RF-1622 Graphs, Hybrido, RealWave - Ocean Statistical Spectrum "Vertical scale" out of sync

RF-1647 Graphs - Graphs including the ConditionIf node might lead to an infinite loop when connecting something to it.

RF-1655 Hybrido mesh algorithm - Splash attenuation creates noise patterns

RF-1656 Graphs - Numeric pins with passthroughs don't clean properly their old stored data.

RF-1661 Graphs - Floor and Ceil math nodes should allow the passthrough of their inputs.

RF-1665 Graphs - Most arithmetic operations with data of Color4 type return unexpected values for the alpha component.

RF-1666 OpengGL general visualization - OS X viewport font looks misaligned.

RF-1670 Graphs - Graphs Messages window does not show messages belonging to child compounds.

RF-1687 Graphs - SetImageChannel node doesn't seem to work properly if the 'image channel' source has more than 1 channel.

RF-1688 Batch script - Clicking on the right column of the script editor autocompletion popup does not open the help for that function.

RF-1689 Graphs, Node parameters window - SetNodeParameter graph node should refresh the parameter list.

RF-1711 General - RF cannot be executed when installed in a folder with blanks

RF-1722 Movie Player window - Movie Player won't open files with padding lower than the number of frames.

RF-1747 Graphs - Clicking on Evaluate Node or Evaluate Pin instead of running a graph does not work properly if there are GetParticles nodes.

RF-1757 Camera - Modifying a camera view directly on the viewport does not set the scene as modified.

RF-1758 Camera - Modifying a camera view with the viewport should be undoable.

RF-1760 Graphs - MeshClip nodes seem to corrupt the mesh UV values.

RF-1769 RealWave - Realwave interaction with objects is wrong when chopinness is activated

RF-1789 Maxwell Integration - Weird slow start of rendering

RF-1791 File export, IDOC - Hybrido Domain does not recognize the $(IDOC) macro for exporting/importing data.

RF-1794 Maxwell Integration - Maxwell window has nothing inside at the time of its creation.

RF-1868 SD read/write - RealFlow is not able to update the sd if we lost the network conection.

RF-1885 Graphs - RealFlow crashes when the graph node "MeshDisplaceFromImage" is using an "uv" map where one of the components is 1.

RF-1886 Alembic, Graphs - ParticleLoad graph node does not load properly Alembic files that come from a standard emitter simulation.

RF-1905 Built-in objects - Capsule object is not symmetrical

RF-1909 K sphere daemon, K volume daemon - Fit to Object doesn't allow to choose emitters as objects for some K daemons

RF-1984 Drag force daemon - Force Limit parameter for Drag Daemon is not working

RF-1987 Graphs - Field3D files generated during a Hybrido Domain simulation cannot be loaded with a FieldRealLoad graph node.

RF-1998 Maxwell Integration - use default material if path is invalid (coming from windows i.e.)

RF-2013 General - File Name Prefix, from File Name Options is missing from graphs.

RF-2021 Python API - activeExportData and isExportDataActive functions are missing for some node types like waterline

RF-2022 Shelves Manager - Up and down keyboard arrows do not let you move along the content of the shelves/commands list in the Shelves Manager. (Mac OS X)

RF-2034 Simulation Flow window - Script files on Simulation Flow don't show any error when the file is missing.

RF-2158 Graphs, Simulation Flow window - Simulation Flow Graphs should save the viewport geometry.

RF-2168 Relationship Editor - Multjoints shouldn't be linked with no nodes in the RelationShip Editor

RF-2173 Hybrido mesh integration - Hybrido meshes are not exported properly to ABC when using use displacement

RF-2183 Movie Player window - RealFlow is crashing if we cancel "save video" in the movie player.

RF-2210 Movie Player window - Movie Player crashes exporting video if some of the frames has a different size.

RF-2231 File export - and bdc for imported geometry as Multibody or ABC multibody are not saved by command line.

RF-2255 Relationship Editor - Relationship Editor groups self-connection threshold is too sensitive.

RF-2285 Grid splash - Max particles for secondary splash emitter is not working

RF-2304 Python Editing, Shelves - Dragging a piece of Python code from a Script Editor to a shelf removes the code from the editor. It can be brought back with CTRL+Z

RF-2305 Python Editing - Python Find dialog remains behind the script editor when it is modal.

RF-2375 Arnold Integration - particle meshes don't have correct uv's

RF-2398 Multijoint - Adding Multibodies to Multijoints and checking the Disable collisions by pairs parameter makes that the objects are dessapearing of the objects list.

RF-2431 3D platform plug-ins - Preview with Maxwell by command line is not rendering the obj files.

RF-2457 OpengGL general visualization - Exported OpenGL viewport images during simulation are might show a frame offset.

RF-2549 Caronte - A simple caronte simulation with quality set to 100 results in weird rotation values for the objects.

RF-2552 File export - OpenVDB files written by RealFlow seem to have the "n_x" and "n_z" metadata values flipped.

RF-2554 General - RealFlow crashes on a japanese Mac OS X environment on launch.

RF-2674 Import objects - When an object is missing while loading a RealFlow file, the import message title is "Import Scene" instead of "Import Object".

RF-2691 Simulation pipeline - An animated object converted to Active rigid body, won't reset the geometry properly.

RF-2703 Command Line Version - The first frame of the range specified for a simulation using the command line is not writing out the first frame in the range unless the starting frame is 0.

RF-2723 Graphs - When a compound pin is removed, its Compound Interface node should be removed if it becomes empty.

RF-2748 Hybrido, OpengGL general visualization - Vorticity is not painted properly on Hybrido particles in viewport.

RF-2757 Fibers emitter - Reset to initial state for Fibers doesn't work properly

RF-2758 Fibers emitter - Fibers is not working fine when moving the timeline and we resimulate again

RF-2810 Import objects - The actual frame is updated when importing geometry with Import... option.

RF-2853 Graphs - Renaming a node does not rename its occurrences in graphs.

RF-2873 Movie Player window - Movie Player should grab all the user interaction during Video export.

RF-2895 Fibers emitter - Max Particles parameter won't affect for Fibers.

RF-2904 Ocean Force daemon - Bounding box for Ocean Force Field daemon can't be scaled directly in the viewport.

RF-2935 Fractures - Fracture Tool - Voronoi Uniform doesn't work correctly (OS X)

RF-2936 Fractures - Phong shading is wrong with all fracture tools

RF-3013 Multibody - Initial States are not working properly for Multibodies

RF-3096 File export, Grid bubbles & Foam - RealFlow is crashing when writing rpc for bubbles and there is not space to save to disk.

RF-3176 Spline emitter - Copy spline from a text is getting the scale font and not the last transformation we did for the spline

RF-3203 User interface - Dragging + ALT, from Single View titled toward viewport will rotate the point of view for the viewport

RF-3360 Maxwell Integration - Global Intensity in Maxwell Settings mustn't affect to IBL illumination.

RF-3373 Grid displacement - Some displacement algorithm parameter values generate wrong displacement values.

RF-3374 Relationship Editor, XML import/export -Links from nodes inside groups are not properly recreated (visually) when importing an XML scene file.

RF-3380 Grid Foam, Hybrido - RealFlow is crashing when simulating foam by command line and there is not space to save data.

RF-3430 Object emitter - When emitting by texture in an object emitter, particles emitted at gray pixels of the texture may be created over other recently created particles at the same position.

RF-3457 Maxwell Integration - Render crashes RealFlow on Windows if a material extension is missing.

RF-3518 Graphs, Grid mist - It is not possible to paint geometry (or points) from a graph in OpenGL viewport inside the bounding box of a Mist node.

RF-3658 Dyverso, K collision daemon - Split on collision, in the KCollision daemon, is not working for Dyverso particles. All particles are removed instead splitting.

RF-3740 Relationship Editor - Relationship Editor performance is very poor when moving a group with a very high amount of children.

RF-3804 Curve Editor - If we have applied a key for a parameter and the parameter doesn't change its value, the Fit View in the Curve Editor won't work.

RF-4124 OpengGL general visualization - In some cases, a big portion of OpenGL preview appears blacked out when using Microsoft Remote Desktop.

RF-4128 Spline, Spline emitter - Moving control points, for a spline, in an ortogonal view is allowing to move the control point towards the camera view.