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In Maxwell V3 we introduced the concept of materialTypesor Material Assistants, which use a reduced set of intuitive parameters that greatly simplify and speed up the material creation process. These are the current simplified assistants available:

  • AGS (special transparent material useful for speeding up interior renders - see the Architectural Glass Solution (AGS) page for details)

  • Opaque (any kind of opaque diffuse or shiny materials such as solid plastics, shiny wooden floors, concrete, etc.)

  • Transparent (all transparent glass and plastic materials which are not translucent - ie, they do not have subsurface scattering)

  • Metal (all kinds of metals)

  • Translucent (all transparent and semi-transparent materials which are translucent - plastics, marble, milk)

  • Car paint (for creating multilayered paints such as metallic car paint)

  • Hair (useful for creating materials for different types of hair)

  • Substance Painter (a super-easy way of feeding your Substance Painter textures and convert them into a matching Maxwell material)

  • TableBRDF (for loading this type of scanned materials from the MERL (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories)).

  • XRite AxF (for loading this type of scanned materials