To import objects from your 3D application use the Ctrl/Cmd + I shortcut. Preferably, external objects should be placed in the project directory's "objects" folder. Imported objects behave in exactly the same way as RealFlow’s native bodies. Objects from different sources can be mixed.

File Formats

Supported formats are Alembic (ABC), OBJ, Maxwell Scene (MXS), SD, LWO, DXF, and plain ASCII files.

Standard SD
  • This format can contain multiple objects, but only one SD file per scene is allowed.
  • It is not possible to remove an individual object from an imported SD.
  • SD objects can contain animation keys and vertex animation, but the number of triangles must be the same throughout the animation.
  • Objects from SDs are locked by default and cannot be moved, rotated or scaled. To unlock them, click on Node Params > Node > File <-> Curve.
  • UVs are supported and are taken from the objects. If UVs are wrong at export time they will be wrong in RealFlow as well.
MultiBody SD
  • MultiBodies cannot be saved explicitly, but it is a specific way to load an existing SD file: Objects shelf > MultiBody.
  • In MultiBodies, objects are grouped and treated as a single object. This accelerates the loading process.
  • You can load as many MultiBodies as necessary.
  • Animation is not supported, but MultiBodies are not locked and can be moved, scaled, and rotated.
RealWave SD
  • Only one RealWave object per scene allowed.
  • All mesh deformation data is included in a single file and therefore RealWave files can be large.
  • Alembic objects have to be triangulated before they can be used inside RealFlow.
  • Load as many Alembic files as required.
  • Objects from Alembic files are locked by default and cannot be moved, rotated or scaled. To unlock them, click on Node Params > Node > File <-> Curve.
  • Object groups are not maintained, every object can be accessed and removed individually.
  • Animation is supported, object are not locked.
  • Maxwell Render's scene format.
  • RealFlow provides an → import dialogue for MXS files with a wide range of features like referencing, reading included materials or lights, and many more.
  • Animation is supported, but MXS requires one scene file per frame.
Other Formats
  • The remaining formats do not support animation.
  • Multiple objects are grouped when imported – all objects are displayed in the viewport, but cannot be accessed individually.
  • Formats can be mixed, e.g. OBJ with LWO, etc.

Error Messages

Sometimes you get an error messages with imported objects:

"WARNING: object ... contains ... degenerated faces that will be ignored. Set a higher scale."

Degenerated faces occur when at least two points of a triangle share the same position. In many cases this warning can be ignored, but it might become relevant with interacting → Hybrido or → Dyverso fluids. Rigid or soft bodies might also behave not correctly. If you observe problems we recommend to work on the model and eliminate the degenerated polygons. Although the warning message suggest to set a higher scale, this solution will only work in some rare exceptions.