Step 3: Check for License Managers

This step is only necessary for users with floating licenses. Users with node-locked or demo licenses can proceed with  "Step 4: License Wizard".


Many applications use the "Reprise License Manager" (RLM) and it might happen that you have a RLM running already, e.g. if you have the Maxwell Render Suite installed. In such a case the → licensing process is different and it is therefore a good idea to check for existing RLM servers:

  • Open a web browser
  • Enter localhost:5054

If you have a network you only have to check the computer where RealFlow is going to be installed unless you already have an RLM server running on the network. In this case find out what the server address and port is from your IT administrator.

It also might happen that a RLM instance uses a different port and we recommend checking a few common ports from localhost:5050 to localhost:5059.

If there is a RLM server running on a computer you will see this page (or a similar one – this depends on the RLM‘s version):


The RLM server on localhost:5054. Click on the image for a full-size view