Stay in the comfortable environment of your favorite 3D / CAD application and use the corresponding Maxwell Render plug-in to connect to Maxwell Render and take advantage of the software’s capabilities. The advanced level of integration makes it unnecessary to get in-depth Maxwell Render training, saving you time and money. We have created a range of plug-ins to connect Maxwell Render to the most popular 3D / CAD and post-production applications in the industry.

To download any of the plugins:

  • If you are a Maxwell Render customer - from the download area found in the Customer Portal

  • If you are a demo user: you can download the software by filling this form.

Maxwell Render plug-in is available

Maxwell Render plug-in not available yet, but will be available soon.

Not Applicable - 3D application for this OS does not exist

Maxwell Render plug-in not available

Please note, we have dropped support for 32-bit platforms. Maxwell will only run on 64-bit.









3ds Max

2016 - 2022


AC21 - AC26

Cinema 4D

R20 - 2023*


FormZ 8

FormZ 9


2018 - 2022



6.x and 7.x


2017 - 2022

(if you are using 2019, it is required to be 2019.2 or newer)

Postproduction plugins







Cinema4D: Cinema4D S26 and 2023 on the new Mac computers with M1 processors won’t work as Cinema4D S26 and 2023 cannot be forced to work in Intel mode unlike Cinema4D R25 and older ones.

Archicad: Archicad 25 Update 1 (build 3011) is not working with the plugin version 5.2.2. Please, use Archicad 25 Update 2 (build 4013) instead.

SketchUp: in MacOS, if you are using 2019, it is required to be 2019.2 or newer.

Photoshop: versions CC 2019 from 20.0.2 to 20.0.7 are not compatible with the plugin.

Rhino: It is mandatory to use Rhino 6 SR19 or newer, but having it updated to the latest is the best way to avoid problems as McNeel also fixes issues in the code we use to connect the plugin.

Downloading and/or updating the plug-in

You can find the latest version of each product at our Portal, depending on the products you purchased. The installer of each plugin includes everything you need inside and also launches Maxwell Render installer during the installation; a bit like matryoshkas, it includes another installer (Maxwell Render's) inside the main installer. Normally, installing the new version over the old one is fine.