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The process by which smooth curves and other lines become jagged because the resolution of the graphics device or the file is not high enough to represent a smooth curve. This problem can be solved with 38764611 Glossary#Anti-Aliasing.

Alpha Blending

The assignment of varying levels of translucency to graphical objects. This allows for the creation of things such as glass, fog, and ghosts. Alpha Blending can be accomplished by using alpha channels, or through other means.


This is the process that removes the aliasing effect. A filtering method is normally used in the process that removes the “jaggedness effect” produced by pixels. (See also 38764611 Glossary#Aliasing).


An aperture is a hole or opening through which light is admitted. In photography, the aperture size of the lens can be adjusted to control the amount of light reaching the film. A diaphragm usually serves as an aperture stop and controls the aperture.